First, we had the Labour-inspired 'Jerry Christmas' jumpers, then came the vegan 'Soy to the World', but I think we can all agree these pale into insignificance when we're presented with this gem of an offering from Aldi: Matching Christmas jumpers for your entire clan, pets included.

A purrfect pick for your pet

Any self-respecting pet owner knows the one person you can't wait to exchange gifts with on the big day is your pooch. It doesn't matter whether you get them a diamond studded collar or supermarket own brand doggy treats - they'll be just as ecstatic either way, making them the ideal gift receiver.

What better way to increase your pet's excitement tenfold on Christmas day than by gifting them a jumper just like yours? It's the gift that keeps on giving, aside from looking super cute, you'll be helping man's best friend fight the uncommonly biting chill this winter.

Aldi have something to please everyone with this festive range. Whether you opt for classic Fairisle, comic slogans or an all-out elf costume, both the tasteful and the tasteless can be satisfied here. What's more, with adult jumpers starting from just £7.99 and pet prices from as little as £3.99, this is a joke you can definitely afford to make.

Naturally, social media is already buzzing with the latest from the budget brand.

Some pups immediately took to their new Christmas getup:

While others seemed decidedly more downcast at the decisions of their owner:

But the real award goes to those who didn't let an absence of pet put them off:

Matching is the new black

The popularity of Aldi's Christmas offering marks a welcome trend on the festive fashion scene.

Gone are the days (if indeed they ever existed) when we would try to look chic at Christmas. Thanks to the return of nineties fashion, made famous by Clueless and those mustard co-ords, it's never been cooler to go all matchy matchy.

Aldi hasn't missed a trick with this incentive - offering matching jumpers in men's, women's and children's sizes, no one needs to miss out on feeling (and looking) like part of the family.

It's certainly much cheaper than an Xbox.

It's a time for giving

With Save the Children's annual Christmas Jumper Day around the corner on December 15, there's plenty of time to head to an Aldi near you before then. What better way to spread a smile than to buy a jumper that brings your family closer? With a family of four plus pet costing a mere £27.96 to kit out, what are you waiting for?