Based in London, industry leader ALFInsight surveyed more than 200 marketers with the purpose of learning everything about their spending habits, strategy, use of technology and overall Social media experiences. The results of their recently released research not only looked back at the 2015 behaviour but looked at anticipated developments for the coming year.

Why It Matters

The report, "Marketing Trends, Spend and Forecasts 2016," is key for any business looking to cultivate a greater understanding of their market, how to maximise on results, and find new ways to reach new customers by offering an insight into current technology as well as anticipated shifts and trends for 2016.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Advertising are producing some interesting conversion results, which we would like to test further in 2016.” Renee Doegar, Head of Marketing, London Review of Books

The report shows Instagram has climbed the ranks to become the most popular channel for B2C communication, next to Facebook, with a whopping 88% of companies reporting stating their preference for the app. B2B marketers, on the other hand, continue to relyon favourite LinkedIn (93%) as their communication platform.

The report goes on to illustrate the importance of social platforms for delivering campaigns, singling out a video as the ‘stand out’ trend for 2016." But while the inclusion of video is rising in popularity, YouTube is not.

Snapchat, Periscope and AudioBoom are quickly becoming the platforms of choice for marketers worldwide.

  • With 8% of marketers using Periscope, the appetite for fast-track visual content is set to grow~ Marketing Trends, Spend and Forecasts 2016

According to the report, “markers continue to invest in a range of technology.” At the top of the list is CRM, which “70% of marketers plan on using in 2016,” while 60% plan to integrate a video incorporation strategy.

Follow the Money

When it comes to money, companies are, on average, “spending between 2.1% and 5%” of their overall revenue on marketing, with “publishing and media (16%), the internet (13%) and retail stores (9%)” topping the list of featured areas.

  • Because of the varied platforms and nuanced data available to marketers today, I truly believe [marketing] is one of the most exciting fields to be in, and the main challenge I see is merely our ability to prioritise and capitalise on these opportunities. ~ Renee Doegar, Head of Marketing, London Review of Books

Fraser Murdoch, Managing Director of Media Business Insight, described the increase in marketing budgets as “positive,” adding that “marketers are looking to invest in a plethora of new technologies this year.”