Are people born leaders or already made? That's a question I'm often in training or lectures that do.

The answer is not so simple, because we know that there are leaders who are born with innate abilities and others who are trained in their professional life.

The innate skills favor the development of the leader, but it can also be more interesting forge it through good training and Work, gaining experience with the time lived.

Regardless, the leader must make decisions, lead teams, motivate, establish intra and interpersonal relationships, communicate, train etc.

For this he must attend seminars on leadership, as well as reading magazines, books and articles on the subject.

Regardless, it should hear the voice of his team, to know what is going well and what should be changed or improved.

He must take responsibility, make decisions, solve problems, find themselves facing difficult situations, defending team positions, coordinate, reward and recognize employees, ie forge is an authentic leader. For this reason, it is not good "super secure" children, people in your social or professional environment. It is very important that from an early age they know the value of the effort, and they will face certain difficulties that will serve them throughout life.

It is important to encourage employees to take responsibility and who are not afraid to face problems. It comes to preparing them for the future to be able to take the reins of the business.

Formal education and experience are aspects that should be part of the formation of any person from the youth in order to develop their leadership skills.

The leader does not have to be a "know it all" or an expert in the field, but will have to have a solid and integral formation that allows you to have ideas and a comprehensive knowledge of the activity to develop.

Leadership is based on the spontaneous recognition by the participants in your group. If they do not recognize the participant as a leader, will eventually reject it.

Finally, always remember the words of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf: Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you have to give up one of two disposal strategy.