"I don’t like my job"

This is one of the most common things which is repeated by most of the job professionals. The element of satisfaction other than in monetary terms is missing from most of them. The simple and exact reason for this discontent is hasty decisions and eagerness to get a job as soon as possible.

People start looking for so-called brands where they can be known not for their own capabilities or their skills but by the employer they Work for. Someone very rightly said, “If you don’t dream, someone else will hire you to make their dream come true”.

Whatever I have experienced till now in my professional career is that there are only two types of people who will always be ahead of you in the race to success, either a needy or a greedy. If you consider yourself in between them then you will always be running at their back. Since people who are greedy and needy, are always looking to break through all the orthodox practices prevailing at their workplace and on the other hand, the mediocre are still waiting for an opportunity to breakthrough that which has already been expired.

Being a professional the first and foremost decision to take is to question and introspect oneself is what you really want. If you feel you know it, the next important question should be whether the direction you are choosing will provide you with all that you desire.

Most of us never think what will be our growth prospects in a particular organization rather in that particular field. In most cases due to the scarcity of job and funds we take whatever comes to our way. We never question, we just oblige. Even during our interview we just try to crack it and not even once do we think if we are in the right place.

With this mindset, we start off with our work but later on we realize this and we rue over it. After a period of time even with a good amount of monetary consideration which is being credited on a monthly basis the feeling of discontent keeps growing and creates discomfort in the existing workplace.

Being into this for a time can provide a good guidance rather a good suggestion to all the young professional looking for a great professional career ahead, brands and all the good things which we hear every day about various employers doesn’t matter till you have the ability to be seen apart from the crowd.

Even working for a smaller employer can provide you much better and much stronger satisfaction that you cannot get while working for a brand. While working within that restricted environment try to develop that specialty for a particular field. Just a professional knowing everything in bits and pieces won’t help.