With reports of 24th March 2020 brought about a 260 (34%) rise in coronavirus deaths in the UK - Burberry's move is a source of comfort. Its Castelford, UK factory now makes the tough move to re-function itself to produce non-surgical gowns and masks for Coronavirus patients to scale.

British institution seeking to set example to contemporaries

Formed in Basingstoke in 1856 by 21 year old, a social conscience has allowed strolled alongside it's much sought after fashion wear. This was borne out by the award to this company of the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index the crown of leading luxury brand.

In 2016, Burberry had, around November 2016, 12 million people in its database and there is little reason to suggest that has diminished at all.

Castleford to become key resource producing town in Covid-19 crisis

This move from Burberry will also help the sturdy Yorkshire town of Castleford and those in the vicinity. With business and small firms in the area having to resort to the furlough scheme to retain workers on 80% of wages, Burberry is keeping people busy and in work. Rather than downing tools and giving into the crisis, Burberry is taking the fight to the coronavirus with help from a Yorkshire community. Burberry presently has Castleford and Keighley, as well as a shared services centre in Leeds so it is key to the economy of the region.

This new will boost morale in the area through this proactive approach.

Burberry showing impressive commitment to a cause

Burberry are cooperating with initiatives such as Fairshare and The Felix Project (operates the 'Good Food for Good Causes' campaign) in order to reduce the impact of the coronavirus on communities and people adversely impacted by it.

In an emotive post on social media, chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci exclaimed:

“I am so incredibly proud to be part of the amazing @Burberry family as we work to support our communities in this tough time – together we will get through this!”

It is a proactive approach like this that is not only helping a factory to stay open, but it shows that Burberry is exemplary in changing to meet demand, even in such trying times.

Of course, it hasn't always been smooth public relations and plain selling for Burberry. Only last year the company was forced to apologise for making a hoodie complete with a noose.

Fashion industry trying to do their bit

Throughout the crowded fashion industry: social media platforms have been flooded with tips and advice on how to make masks. Umprum Academy of Art, Architecture and Design posted pictures of themselves on Instagram sewing masks in an effort to aid the effort in the Czech Republic. This combined response will hopefully have other industries searching for ways to do their bit.