You might recognise Eline from some of the BBC Three shows ("Miss Holland", "Crazy Science", the "Gender Bias Riddle") she created and starred in. However behind the scenes, she is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own production company, Particle 6, and she is also a qualified scientist.

Eline Van der Velden

Lynsey Carratt ( LC): Tell us a bit about your background?

Eline Van der Velden (EV): "I haven’t had the most straightforward path into media, but always think it’s more interesting to come at something from a different angle. I went to performing arts (ArtsEd Tring) school at 14 and then studied physics at Imperial, whilst still taking part in every play and musical.

It was only once I was in Los Angeles that I thought about writing, directing and producing. Basically, because the female roles at the time were so poor. If they won’t create roles for women, I will and that’s still what I like to think I’m doing today. Roles on and off-screen that is."

LC: Is it true you studied musical theatre before studying Physics at Imperial?

EV: "I did indeed. I was obsessed with the “making of” VHS tape of the Sound of Music and Britney Spears. Now Britney had gone to performing arts school and so would I."

LC: What attracted you to Physics?

EV: "I like to think of acting as the finding out of “why” in the scene. It’s the ultimate psychology behind the character that I find interesting.

Physics is exactly the same thing but with respect to nature. Why does the apple fall down the tree? Why does the earth rotate around the sun? I’m just a curious person."

LC: What was your first job after University?

EV: "It was 2008 and there were very few jobs in London after the crash so I decided to go to Amsterdam to see if I could start acting there.

Whilst auditioning I had all sorts of interesting gigs, teaching maths and physics to students, super misogynistic car wash flyer-ing in s*xy outfits and pulling pints in a hockey bar. I had an amazing time, even better than uni I’d say. Uni was all work, work, work, the first year after uni was total freedom."

LC: When did you start Particle 6 and why?

EV: "I was the UK MD of a company called Makers Channel which we sold in November 2016, that allowed me to obtain a little start-up cash to launch my own production company immediately afterwards. I didn’t sit still for a minute, this was what I always wanted to do, I got an intern, a few contracts and we launched out of my living room."

LC: What difficulties did you face starting your own company? What is the hardest part now?

EV: "Cash flow and overheads. The thought every month that I’m responsible for all these people’s salaries, career fulfilment and wellbeing. Those things are very important to me. I like a healthy happy team, that way we can make really cool stuff. If I cash flow things well, then I can concentrate on the happy stuff."

LC: What are the positives of running your own business?

EV: "I put my all into everything I do and like to please people, but I need A LOT of sleep, so being able to sleep when I need to is very important. When I had bosses I used to run myself into the ground from time to time. Running my own business allows me to be a little more in control of my own diary, and my sleep."

LC: What makes Particle 6 successful?

EV: "We’re all perfectionist, hard-working individuals and that shows. We really enjoy the work we do. Clients are happy and that’s all we care about."