Whenever we think of a life of plenty, we associate the situation to success and money, correct?

We can consider them brothers and sly and jealous friends.

A shadow round its origins. No one knows which of the two came first.

Success is shy, conceited, often arrogant. Cautious to show, but rejoices with the applause.His mood swings too. No warmth departs, but the slightest sign of affection is back. Feels lonely when it is not recognized and is away from the money. Despite the scolding, the sulky brother gives you security and encouragement, but often can not protect it.

She likes to dress well, so it takes a costly and expensive life. The lights and colors attract you.

Money has other behavior. Opportunist, always want to do well, so looking favorable situations. Extremely cowardly, beyond the slightest sign of danger. Ornery, difficult back when mistreated. Do not care about the look, so it is always criticized and driven by success.Appeared in public only when necessary and do not like exposure.Feels responsible for the success, for this reason, even against their will, invests in his career.His taste for security leads him to criticize his brother hard. This, in turn, also gives its share of contribution, but not content with small allowances, asking often back everything offered and sometimes a little more.

Money is competitive, do not like to lose. Success is futile, is annoyed by the losses, but you risk when you have opportunity, albeit with folly.

It is a paradox! resistant bodies for fragile health nurse. Oscillate between vitality and weakness.

Money recognizes and cares about the working capacity of success for this reason is always awake, encouraging, supporting recycling, trying to not let you miss anything.

Success is creative and ingenious when it engages. Boring and dull when moved by vanity.

Success fears losing the support of money, for this reason when waking dream and threatened solves Work.

Good times and the approach they allow themselves to pleasurable situations, laugh, talk, tell stories. The bad times away, getting overwhelmed success and terribly angry money.They know that the partnership can change the course of the situation, but not always money shows your disposal.

This is the moment that success to regain his friendship puts into action and surprises everyone.With grid fuss or skulking in the shadows makes his appearance: "He's back, with great pomp, lights and sounds." Marveling, tearing applause and attracting his brother's friendship by greed.

The eyes of success shine for recognition, the money for the benefits.

The tempestuous relationship is maintained by mutual dependence, even for them it is difficult to recognize it.

How they are today? There currently are well.