We are not in life by chance. In any situation we find ourselves, we are always fulfilling a higher purpose. So know what is your mission, be it personal or professional, it is essential to act with rationality in our lives.

The above may seem obvious or self-help too much for some. However, there are few people who make a self-examination. When this occurs, running a little routine, overcoming fear of the future and analyzing the critical, we realize that a life without purpose is as a non-institutional identity: it makes no sense to exist. After all, if an organization is a group of people and endowed with mission, vision and values, that people that organizations are composed not do the same for themselves?

Once, a Chinese sage wrote that if we want to win a war, we must know both the opponent as ourselves. Thus, we are able to assess our ability to respect our opponent and overcome it. And it is starting from this premise that strategists gained (and are still gaining) numerous victories for both their organizations and to their lives. An example of this simple, yet powerful, is the one candidate who wins a public job.

Currently, the industry of public tenders in Latin America has become as robust as the vestibular industry. As a result of this phenomenon, the successful completion of a public tender is similar to winning a World Cup (Brazil), to the extent that the approved celebrates its achievement as a football player.

Indeed, pass a public selection process is not an easy task. Requires discipline in the preparation, determination to succeed and, above all, faith in winning.

However, both the player and the concurseiro not win their respective triumphs during the game. This achievement is the result of an effort that preceded the "moment of truth" and lasted for months or even years.

At this point in our conversation, some will melt with the above finding. However, what makes us different from other animals is our ability to anticipate and build success, involving, even instinctively, planning, organization, execution and control. Here Management in our lives.

So if we want a better future for us and for the next, start building the present, it is he who will help us to be in the future we desire.

Concurrently, we have no fear and / or laziness of seeing the future, because that is where we are and it is he who guides our present actions. As a process, we are a succession of causes and consequences that must be planned, ensured and improved. Such is the art of managing to administer.