London-born Anne Jirsch is a professional psychic favoured by heads of industries, politicians and celebrities, alike. She is also a leading world pioneer of Future Life Progression and runs the only training school for FLP in the world with 250 practitioners in 8 countries. Already an accomplished author, Anne has written a plethora of works, namely Instant Intuition, The Future is Yours, Cosmic Energy and Create Your Perfect Future. Here she chats to us about her latest book Future Vision Your Working Life.

Leah: How did you come up with the idea for the book Future Vision?

Anne: My clients were increasingly struggling with changes in their world of Work. As soon as they adapted to one change another appeared. They were struggling to keep on top of new developments and they were overwhelmed with information. They were subscribing to everything and anything attempting to be aware of coming changes. They were going on numerous courses but becoming increasingly lost. My own glimpses into the future showed me that this was the tip of the iceberg, far more change was to come and we needed to operate in a very different way otherwise we would burn out and be left behind.I began watching those who always seemed to thrive, who anticipated the future and made change work for them.

I looked into the future to find out what skills we need today and in the coming years.

Leah: Is Business Consultancy something you have always had an interest in?

Anne: I’ve always been fascinated by business especially how you can help to shape the future of it. From early in my career, business people were drawn to me. Going back a few decades they were quite secretive about consulting me.

In fact one of my major clients would pretend he was seeing his shrink because that was more acceptable. I love business and being able to give my clients the edge.I can advise them on whom to hire and fire. We go over various deals and what we need to pull them off. I can tip them off to what their rivals are up to and to new innovations in their industry.

I help individuals find their best careers moves and how to make the most of their talents. I help them fast track their careers.

Leah: In your latest book you have had guest authors contribute, who are they? And, how did you convince them to help?

Anne: The people I’ve interviewed for my book come from a wide range of backgrounds. Their businesses vary but they are all ethical, responsible and innovative. I didn’t have to persuade anyone to contribute to my book. Most of them already knew of my work and were happy to share their insights. In fact one Hollywood director called me up and offered to endorse my work. They are people I have noticed tend to make great moves at the right time. They don’t buy into fear.

Leah: Changing the way we work is prevalent at this time - what major changes do you think are ahead for us workers?

Anne: Of course a lot of work will become more automated and you cannot compete with that. If your company has a huge amount of enquiries a day a robot can take in 30,000 words in 15 minutes and answer the customers question immediately. We humans cannot compete with that nor should we try to. The key is to get used to change and not fear it. We’ve only just scratched the surface. Our work lives have been rigid; we worked set hours, in our fixed workplace. You arrive and leave your workplace at a certain time. Now we need to be fluid, working on the hoof and at times that suit us.

We need to use our imagination and intuition rather than wading through reams of data. That is how we will solve problems and make the right decisions. You are already doing this: working in your car or on a train, or even a coffee shop. In the future we will need to be adaptable, creative, innovative, intuitive and empathetic. This machines cannot do.

Leah: Can you explain what future life progression to us in simple terms for our readers?

Anne: Progression is the opposite of regression. We’ve all heard of people being regressed to their childhood or even to a past life. With FLP we flip it, we take a peek at the future and what we see happens. We actually do glimpse the future. I have industry leaders who call me their secret weapon.

I make sure they are ahead of the game. One of my top level clients was accused of tapping phones or using spy. His rivals couldn’t understand how he had so much pre-knowledge of what was to come.

Some people struggle to get their heads around Future Visioning because we are brought up to think of time as linear. The truth is no one knows how time works but with FLP we have consistently tapped into the future. Think of it this way, imagine if you could look two years into the future and see huge changes in your industry. You could prepare, maybe educate your staff, perhaps let go of whatever will be obsolete and be ready to slip into an exciting new phase. By time it happens, others will want to jump on the bandwagon but you will already be there.

You have already launched the new big thing and are the leading brand.

Leah: You've had a fascinating career, what has been the highlight?

Anne: There have been so many. Working with incredible people; the people shaping our world and being able to anticipate change. Of course seeing the attack on the twin towers three weeks before it happened was a shocking but life changing event. Working on films has been a huge highlight because films influence so many people. I am the first intuitive to have a credit on a movie and a listing in IMDB. Travelling to so many countries and meeting amazing people and training them in FLP. Glimpsing future inventions has been mind blowing. I saw the I-pad many years before it came into being and believe me it was far more advanced than the version we have today.

Seeing how clean the world is in the future gives me faith that we are heading in the right direction.

Leah: Who do you admire?

Anne: I admire the innovators and risk takers. I always admired Steve Jobs and the intensity of his focus. He once got into a fight with Microsoft. He said he was going to go ‘thermonuclear’ on them. Who uses a word like thermonuclear.

I admire the chameleons, the people who reinvent themselves and their work. They never seem to run out of ideas. I admire Elon Musk. As a child he talked about firing rockets into space and he did. He has pioneered Tesla, space X and even solar roof tiles. His mother said that as a kid he was a dreamer, that is what we need right now, dreamers.

And Oprah Winfrey: she broke new ground. She has lead the way for so many people to follow.

Leah: Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?

Anne: Yes there are many people. I would love to do something with Oprah Winfrey. She has changed so many lives by inspiring people. Arianna Huffington, she epitomises flexibility and leads the way by keeping us informed. Elon Musk is a visionary I would love to take him further into the future to find better ways to help the world.I am sure none of the above need any help from me. I’m already working with many people that I want to work with. The influencers, especially from the world of film and television. Their work directly influences thousands or even millions of people.

People who inspire us to create a healthier, happier, more fulfilled future; they are the people I want to work with.

Leah: Can you name some of the people/companies you have worked with in the past and what have you worked with them on?

Anne: I don’t name my clients, it’s just not ethical. But as I said I work for a lot of people in Hollywood. I love the way they are helping to shape the future. I have been brought in on court cases and disputes. One client told me I saved him 250k. I can often tap into the other person’s motives and plans.

I have worked with royalty. It is hard for them to find people they trust and much of what they do can be misinterpreted. I help them to know what to be aware of and who to be wary ofI help companies to find out what their rivals are up to.

What the next big movie trend will be. But mainly what will be the next big innovation in their industry. My clients range from companies who have lost their way and need to get their direction to the fast movers who want the edge. I get called into companies to spend the day with them. I never quite know what I am going to do until I get a click in my head. Then we get to work.

Leah: How easy is it to teach people to use their Psychic skills?

Anne: How easy is it to help teach people how to use this psychic skills. It is very easy if they’re open to learning. Everyone is intuitive. Everyone’s had experiences of using their intuition like having a feeling something isn’t quite right. Buying a property or being offered a new job are good examples.

You will have a feeling of wanting to go ahead or wariness.They come to me and say, ‘on paper this is perfect so why doesn’t it feel right? ’That’s pure intuition and what I do is help them break down the intuitive process. It’s not a one size fits all. Once you know your intuitive process you can use it whenever you wish.