If your plan is to permanently move to another city or country in next few months, you probably know where to buy your Property. It would not be wrong to say that several cities have most expensive properties. For anyone with a limited budget, these may not be the best choices. All the comforts and facilities are going to cost you high in a new town. If you are ready to spend millions of dollars, there are a lot of beautiful places with great cultural and historical values. I have given the roundup of most expensive places where buying a property not possible for a low-salaried person.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the most incredible Australian cities. The full day meal in this city costs up to $20 per person at a restaurant. And if you have brought your whole family,the total bill would be around $100 or more depending on the number of your family members. On the other hand, clothes are a bit expensive at the designer outlets and shopping malls. For example, jeans can cost you something like 140 Australian dollars. It is unheard of if your budget is limited. As for housing, the average rent for an Aussie living in a one-room apartment is more than $3,000 dollars. This gives an idea that buying property in Sydney is impossible for a person with the strict budget. Am I right?

Tokyo, Japan

There is much to do in Tokyo. It is one of the well-developed cities of Japan. Japan is famous not only for its advancements in technology, but also for being the birthplace of Nintendo. In Tokyo, various tech companies including Sony have their headquarters. Honestly speaking buying a property in Tokyo is pretty expensive.


Singapore’s property prices have been increased during 2016. A nice lunch or dinner here would cost you about 12 US dollars, a carton of eggs can be bought at 3-4 US dollars, and so on. The average rent of an apartment has climbed above $2,000, which I don’t think is budget-friendly for most of us. Last but not the least, buying a brand-new car in Singapore is obscene because of the high prices.

Thankfully, the cost of gas and other natural resources is reasonable.

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top tourist attractions in the world. For locals, Bern is the least expensive city of Switzerland, but this doesn’t mean everyone can afford to buy a property here. From a nice meal to grocery, most of the things cost high so an ordinary man would hardly afford to live in this Swiss city. Eggs, for example, cost something around $110 US. Clothes are also very expensive here especially when you want branded outfits. Thus, we can say that the prices in Bern are little up so it is better that you choose another place for residence.