Productivity is the highest law of our present world. Companies are hungry for more results in less time. They are creating tremendous pressure on those who waste time and lose your focus. What is the best way to be productive? You may not know, but knowing achieve goals.

Do you know separate Goals Goals? And you know eliminate distractions from your Work? Do you know end energy drains in your work?


Understanding this difference is crucial, so that we can direct our energies directly to the point. Objective is where they want to get to the end, the finished work.

Understanding this difference saves your energy, because clearly know where we should pay attention and develop our goals.

Already the goals are the steps that will be conquered, the steps on the walk. This is where your energy will be better employed. Here you'll notice the progress and results. Separating your end point, and developing your daily goals, will surely better to use your energy.


You will develop your goal, as defined above. And will leave it there, reminding you how will be the finish line. After that, break this process in Annual Goals, Semester Goals, Goals, monthly, weekly and daily goals Goals.

Set a clear path, and everyday tasks to reach the goals.

The Annual Goals, are the easiest because it's pretty much the point that if you want to reach. Then go breaking more and more in months blocks to take control of your schedule.


After that, write your daily goals. At the end of the day, write what you will do the next day, who will talk, which the most important tasks.

This will give you a road map for what "going to do", and especially, what "will not do."

A major problem is to keep busy instead of free maintain production

Knowing where to get it, avoiding what gets in the way, that reminds me ...


What is an obstacle? Everything can be an obstacle! If something is standing in the middle of its goals, it is an obstacle.

And so being, one should remove it from its path. But how to identify them? Let a few tips:


You should identify them first. This is very important because it affects to your health. Ask these questions:

What takes my sleep or my focus?

What pains are messing up my job?

What foods take much to be digested?

What, in my personal, takes valuable time and useless?


Now, identify activities that do not add value or knowledge through these questions:

How many hours a day I'm playing video games or computer games, or on the phone?

How many times a day my phone calls my attention?

How many hours I spend watching television programs that do not teach me anything?

How many days a week I spend talking?


The worst questions the whole article. It is common to be confused with rudeness but there they are:

Who occupies my time reporting on the work or the lives of others?

Who occupies my time explaining concepts that can not be used in my work?

How many people a day asking me opinions or suggestions, which are not taken into account?

What are the people around me that most influence me? I'm having a good result?

Am I reading articles with success stories too long?


After setting where you're going, see the way, remove barriers, the best thing to do is study. It's the best thing to do with the time you get free. How many other people around you, will have this perception? Along the way, you will become more skilled and stronger, it only reaches the finish line who does not stop running the marathon.