No professionals with extra skills the fate of your business will basically be moderate growth stagnation or decline to the disappearance and what is worse, all at the cost of much effort. The creation of talent within the organization is therefore a matter that ensures the future of the company. This process is made primarily from challenges. They are to encourage professionals to develop. The more realize their ability to face and overcome challenges, most professional interest awakened by new skills. It is this development in its various dimensions that make up the talent of professional and makes it valuable for the company.

The creation it begins, therefore, with the ability to create challenges and know how to align the purposes of the professional company.

However, once created, the next stage that is needed is the retention of this professional in the tables of organization. At this point it is important to note that people do not resign business, lay off up to their leaders. The individual knows that the same way it had to strive to hone their talents, the company had a decisive contribution not only providing you the job, but training and challenges for growth. However, the entrepreneur should not expect recognition for it. Many are disappointed to find that because they have invested time and values ​​in employee development, this owes loyalty or commitment to remain at his post for a while representing the return on investment in training.

The reality is that people to stay in the company must realize that they are respected, adequately paid and have future. For this reason it must have a deep interest in maintaining above all a positive organizational climate based on respect to all their followers. In addition the company should have constant action for growth.

It is the lack of growth that casts doubts on the future of professional opportunities within the company. When you have a permanent growth as a goal, the challenges are automatically increasing, feeding the cycle.

However, if you decide to pay less to their employees to have money to train them, it is better not to do the training.

Wages are not determined by how much you invest in training your employee, the prestige of your brand or even by his charisma. Salaries are determined primarily by the market. The best thing a company can do is pay in accordance with it and worry constantly and consistently with the formation of their leaders. They are primarily responsible for the loss of talent in the organization due above all by its little training in leadership skills and who often have been learned empirically and often inadequate. It is not uncommon in leadership workshops minister see leaders who do not know how to give feedback, make the follow up, delegate or at least appropriately communicate with their team. There is no way to create and retain talent with executives without basic leadership skills.

Generate constant challenges by aligning business and personal purposes, pay wages in accordance with the market and continuously develop their leaders are actions that increase the chances of creating and retaining talent in the company. They are to ensure the future of the organization.