We know that the companyhas no such obligation with its employees, but, taking into account that the private life interfere directly on our mood at Work, that means it's at least an advantageous investment. That is, the company invests in my heart and I, developer, return in the mood!

To flow this relationship in a healthy way, it takes the company to look to the developer with the so-called third eye, recognizing the invisible and offering her assistance to the emotions. We know that emotions are responsible for our productivity. In them are the real forces of the human being.

Therefore, the emotions, is the failure of many projects. People need to be packed, groomed and nurtured. expressions of love are caresses the soul.

At birth, which calmed us was the pack of someone's arms. That is our nature, we are made to give and receive affection. The rest comes as a consequence. Just as our physical growth came as a result.

We survived without receiving love, but along the way, something in us will atrophying and will lose brightness.

Every company wants to shine, dreams of an open space in world solo. In this dream, it is intrinsic brightness. Shine to the sound of recognition and appreciation.

Well, for this cycle does not weaken, the company needs to remember that each employee is responsible, even on a small scale, by the end of irradiation.

The light of each and the strength of this irradiation, the intensity and brightness of all is proportional.

So, entrepreneurs from around the country in their companies, roam the corridors people who need to be energized by the affection and recognition.

Thus, it is human nature. Our energy level defines our level of commitment.

The energy level is proportional to the recognition, love and attention I get from whom I dedicate myself.

The great evil of the world is the fact that people keep things to themselves. This applies to organizations as well.We keep material goods, feelings, statements, resentment, speak or remain silent at the wrong time.Often we live appearance with drawers soul full of useless things.We know that there is no greater good than to someone's happiness.

Nothing easier than lead a happy and healthy environment, just bring pleasant gestures, attitudes, attention, courtesy, memory, among others.

In an organization where people live daily, this dynamic is incorporated, would result in great benefits to all.

If we look around, we see that human need is the fact that people have lost the intangible values ​​in favor of the materials. For almost everything today, but good no one buys.

Buy yourself company, but not the sincerity.

Buy yourself comfortable, but not peace of mind, not tranquility, much less happiness and pleasant energy of a desktop.

There is a big difference between giving and the offer.

When we give, we reach out, but we offer, is our heart that we deliver together.

It's a little piece of us is walking toward each other and the good that it brings back to our interior.

The human relationship is a true symbiosis. We are intertwined in one another. That there is no escape. The best we could all so perfect is the purpose of noble offer the other the best of us. Organizations have a lot of work to do in that direction.

I wish luck to all. After all lead to life, enhancing the personal energy and the other is a task that is not learned in school enrollment. Thankfully, they have left the banks of school life.