Travel information and images from around the world with the Travel Channel


Travel information and images from around the world with the Travel Channel

Welcome to the Travel Channel, which features destinations all around the world, along with the latest news relating to airlines, generally getting from A to B and other travel-related stories.

Choose listicles for a fun, quick read and see colourful images of scenic places, historic cities and beautiful beaches. Learn all about the more unique, unusual and sometimes downright weird attractions our planet has to offer. You will find everything you need to start planning that perfect holiday, whether in the heat of summer or the cooler months of the year.

City destinations

Explore the iconic cities of Europe, like Madrid, Paris, Berlin or Vienna or stay closer to home - your own country often has many destinations you have yet to visit! Head to Australia to visit Sydney or catch up with a friendly kangaroo. Try Mexico for a colourful and fun holiday, sipping tequila while wearing a sombrero. Head to the United States of America and visit New York, San Francisco and other great cities.

Travelling with kids?

If you are travelling with the kids this year, explore the options at holiday destinations to ensure they are kept busy and entertained. Find out if there are fun theme parks in the area, or a zoo or aquarium to visit.

Wining and dining

If you are in the mood for real, traditional curry, try India this year, or if you love Chinese food, it is obviously best in China itself. Pizza lovers should experience the popular dish in Italy itself. Head to Spain for a tasty paella, washed down with the best Spanish wines.

So many places in this wide and wonderful world, but so little time - let's get travelling today, even if it is only online!

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