Where to rent a house in Dubai? This question is often asked by the people who have reached the city for business purposes. If you are new to Dubai and your family members are outside, you can apply for a family residence visa. But before that, you need to either buy a house or rent a family apartment. Dubai has plenty of residential buildings. You can sponsor your family only when your monthly income is above AED 4000. The rules and regulations are very strict, because the officials never want anyone to enter the city who cannot bear the costs of family accommodation.

Here is the list of family residential buildings according to the financial experts of World Expo.

Princess Tower

It is one of the most popular towers of Dubai. This residential building is present in the Marina district of the city. Thanks to Syed Majid Hashmi, the Chief Structural Engineer, for giving this skyscraper an impressive look. The building has more than 700 units, and over 900 underground parking bays. It means you are going to have enough space in your family apartment.

Elite Residence

This impressive building is present in the Dubai Marina district. It overlooks Palm Jumeirah, a place where everyone wants to go to spend summer holidays. The building is 1,248 feet tall and has more than 85 floors.

Out of these 85 floors, 80 have over 690 apartments and the other ones accommodate with swimming pool, spa, reception area, health club, shopping malls, and restaurants. The World Expo report reveals that this building would soon host world’s biggest business center.

Ocean Heights

It is another wonderful and one of the most amazing residential towers of Dubai.

Its height is 1,017 feet, and has 83 floors. This building as constructed by Andrew Bromberg, in 2010. After The Marina Torch and HHHR Tower, it is the most fabulous place to rent or buy a house. For an affordable family accommodation in Dubai, this is your right choice.

The Springs

One of city'sbest villa communities, The Springs needs no introduction.

It is a favorite of families who are looking for budget-friendly residence in this city of opportunities. The Dubai government rental association claims that alone in April 2016, this villa’s owner made billions of dollars. The average monthly rent per apartment is Dh120,000.

Downtown Dubai

Over the next few months, this area of Dubai would become the prime choice of international travelers, World Expo reports. For a studio apartment, you would have to pay a minimum of Dh70,000 per year. Those who cannot afford a house in Burj Khalifa but want to live in the same area can Rent an Apartment in Downtown Dubai. It is located close to the Dubai International Financial Center, Business Bay, and other famous places.