Glassdoor has recently claimed in a report that America has the largest number of tech jobs. For an IT expert, finding a lucrative job can be difficult. Some of the workplaces guarantee great work-life balance, while others provide us with plenty of opportunities of career grooming. To come up with this ranking, Glassdoor compared most developed US Cities. Let us check out the list.

San Jose

San Jose is often regarded as Silicon Valley. Currently, the number of high-tech jobs in this city is 245,575. On an average, the salary of an IT professional is $132,057.

The top employers in this city are Google, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems, and others. Reportedly, Apple Inc. announced over 5000 jobs in the first half of 2016. If you are a qualified software engineer, this city has plenty of employment opportunities for you.

Los Angeles

Employers like Walt Disney, Northrop Grumman, and Activision Blizzard open hundreds to thousands of positions every year. Los Angeles is home to world’s top companies that have specialized in space and defense system manufacturing, software engineering, and telecommunications. The number of available tech jobs is 141,799. On an average, you can earn $82,462 from a basic level position.

New York

Glassdoor says New York isbest city for IT professionals.

Currently, the number of available tech jobs is over 312,971. If you have finished your graduation in computer sciences, you can earn up to $98,541 from a basic level job. Top employers in this city are InterActive, Viacom, Google, and Verizon Communications. In the first half of 2016, Basking Ridge (N.J.)-based Verizon Wireless hired more than 9000 IT experts.

Local companies give high preference to individuals with an extraordinary set of skills. If you are an expert in computer system design and telecommunications, New York City is the right place for you.


The best and most prominent employers in Chicago are Motorola, Boeing, Abbott Laboratories, and others. Earlier this year, Glassdoor reported that Motorola (MOT) employees would get raises before Halloween.

Many local tech companies hire individuals in the fields of computer systems design, mechanical engineering, hardware, and social media marketing. You can apply for a suitable position after the completion of your degree. Fresh graduates are selected only when they have undertaken a research project in a relevant field.