Every conflict is a way to develop more cohesion when looked at and seen from the front.

Perhaps this is the first essential aspect, face who has a conflict to its light open ways to transform it.

So you, as a manager or part of the conflict, but may seek strategies to be more efficient in a conflict.

1. Identify the common goal or target goal

Without a goal defined as a union point to integrate people and their talents in one direction, the possibility of conflicts when it unites people is very possible.

It is important that a common goal is clear and reinforced throughout the process, it is something bigger that strengthens alliances.

Often here remind managers that what makes religion so strong is the common objective or goal goal (greater goal), which is to have access to God or feel peace in practice what is believed.

This is a goal that unites several people, then you must have specified "so that" we are united and building this journey.

2. Identify the individual goals and realize the synergy point

To facilitate the resolution of the conflict, a favorable aspect is to identify the individual goals and how they will be achieved when it reaches the target goal.

This correlation between individual objective and goal goal makes the difference and generates engagement in quickly get the result.

3. Qualities and valuable capabilities of each party involved

Highlight the qualities of everyone involved and define what and how each party will contribute to the objective of goal achievement is very important to get the result.

4. Set limits

To achieve the resolution of a conflict is important to know the limits of each part for healthy achievement of results.

Set limits generates respect across the management of a conflict, as well as transparency to deal with niceties.

5. Learning

A conflict is a way to know more people involved and know how to develop flexibility, understanding, empathy and communication.

These skills are valuable in various experiments and conflict there is an intensity that calls for planning and organization.

Good results!