Glassdoor has recently presented a report of the best US Cities for Tech Jobs in 2016. It says that New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Boston have the highest number of job openings for fresh and experienced graduates. These days, finding a lucrative tech job is tough. Still, some companies guarantee complete job satisfaction and work-life balance. For IT professionals, there is no short of jobs in the US. Here is the list of the cities where employment opportunities in the tech industry remain available throughout the year.

New York

Glassdoor reveals that New York has more than 312,406 jobs for graduates of computer science.

On an average, you can earn $98,541 from a basic level job. Companies like InterActive, Viacom, Google, Verizon Communications, etc. have invited applications for multiple positions. Alone Verizon Wireless has announced 1000 jobs for experienced candidates. We recommend that you opt for an internship before applying for a job. This is because the competition in New York City is very high. Local companies give high preference to candidates with years of experience.


Currently, Washington has over 292,962 jobs available in the tech industry, Glassdoor claims. On an average, an IT expert earns $100,488. The employers like George Washington University, Georgetown University, and LivingSocial invite applications from potential candidates for multiple positions.

Alone LivingSocial is hiring to fill over 200 positions in all parts of the world. Most of the companies prefer the graduates with a major in computer system design.


In Boston, there are 229,798 jobs available in a variety of industries. An IT expert can earn as much as he wants. On an average, the salary of an experienced person is $112,230.

Your income depends on your skills, dedication, and hard work. The employers like Raytheon, Biogen Idec, Akamai Technologies, Sapient, and American Tower always look for potential and hard working individuals. In July 2016, Charles River Laboratories, Biogen Idec (BIIB), and Genzyme (GENZ)hired more than 20,000 people, Glassdoor says.

If you are a software developer, Boston is the right place for you.

Los Angeles

The number of tech jobs in Los Angeles is 139,974. On an average, you can earn $91,152 while working for companies like Walt Disney, Northrop Grumman, Activision Blizzard, and others. it would not be wrong to say that Los Angeles is home to companies that hire experts in the fields of computer system design, and telecommunication.