One of the many consequences that globalization has created, was greater uniformity in the way it does business.

It's not news to anyone that the speed with which information flows and are assimilated very quickly put companies and businesses on an equal footing.

In addition, plenty of funds for good projects is undeniable and brings further potential equity between small, medium and large businesses.

Innovation today is the standard of tomorrow. then the question remains: What maintains, in fact, a competitive advantage?

If access to technology guarantee innovation, Microsoft always have the best products to offer.

What was missing then, for these examples come true. He missed develop human capital.

The homogeneity that the information revolution provides us, heterogeneity is found only in people.

Are the people who decide what to do with all the resources available to them.

We are we, within our own complexity, make decisions, create relationships and make the link between potential and reality.

Extracting then the full potential of individuals, who form a company?

The answer is not only not unanimous, but I believe a lot in the following three pillars:


People motivated yield much more. And nothing better for motivation than having personal goals and aligned professionals.

An individual who knows and believes in the mission of your company, create a connection to it.

More than that: if he knows that the company understands and is aligned with the personal goals of it, the connection is even stronger.

This sharing of views and values ​​is fundamental for a durable two-way relationship.


More common than feel unexploited, it is not to know or what are our real strengths - let alone you communicate them.

The problem is that it is essential for any professional relationship. Why it is important that our qualities are constantly evaluated not only by the company but by ourselves. This makes it easier to develop what we have better and direct our capacity for what it will do, in fact, the difference


The habit is the most effective way to fix a behavior.

Do something out of habit means that it is so ingrained that we do not know why we do it. It is basically to react to a situation expecting an always reward (eg, smoking can be a reaction to stress, that is to reward the momentary relaxation).

Therefore, creating situations and certain rewards, we can encourage positive habits (such as quality control, security and even innovation) that lead us to excellence more often. Create the habit of high performance is essential to be more efficient.

These three "pillars" are far from being the only solution to the complex corporate world we live in today, and perhaps one day, human capital is only one supporting the competitive advantage of companies.