Growing demand for incoming packages for Italy.

UAE and the Netherlands, but also Germany and Austria are the countries where the Italian product sells better. Especially for the Holidays of 2016. The data provided by the National Board of Tourism make records for the summer being a growing trend in the toursim sector. Research that involved more than one hundred and fifty tour operators presents an encouraging picture regarding reservations in the Italian peninsula which continues to be a favorite by foreign tourists.

The majority of workers interviewed, 68% of them said that they had detected an increase in the sales package with destination Italy.

19% believe that the numbers have remained virtually unchanged compared to previous years. While 13% noted a slight decrease. There are mainly Europeans to choose the Bel country for the upcoming holidays, but also tourists from the Americas and Australia willingly stays in various locations in the peninsula.

The ENIT (Italian Government Tourist Board)study highlights that this year should be contained by the effects of Brexit on stays in Italy as evidenced by the still positive data for bookings from the UK. And that the Russian tourist market seems to be once again interested in the Bel packages country, after years of negative performance.

Positive outlook for the domestic tourism

As well as the incoming sign, this holiday season will record good performance even in the domestic tourismwith movements from one region to spend the holidays in many places of interest located throughout the peninsula.

According toFederal tourism boardthe preferred destinations by both Italians and foreigners arebathing (Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Sicily, Tuscany). Even the art cities continue to attract many visitors.

Then change the way you organize your stay. On average the holidays will be shorter, but repeated throughout the year to promote seasonal adjustment of tourist flows and to lay the foundations for more sustainable activities.