Every organization seeks to generate business. The point is that businesses are not only made sales, and offers build not only based on good prices. But the situation unfortunately common, is that many companies end up focusing only on sales practices, forgetting other actions as or more important as answers, such as: providing services; aggregate value; fulfill the promises of communication and sellers; and track customers in the aftermarket.

Besides all this, we must be alert to sales 'unrealized', the so-called assisted prospects - those people who had contact with his offer and his team, but not bought and did not turn into customers.

You need to find out why these 'non-sales'. For what every business knows is how, when, how and why she sold. What many are unaware of are the lost sales and their motives. That is, the real advantage of its commercial proposal and the truth of your marketing strategy.

Yes, the customer's opinion is important, but should not be the only one. Of course he, especially when it becomes a business user, it is a rich source of information. But if we know how to cross their opinions with those who had contact with the product / service, but did not buy, we can reach a much more critical view and refined the company's performance in the market.

It is just as happens in life, in which we learned a lot from the mistakes and failures.

Find out the reasons for the 'no-sale' brings new and interesting impressions raise more self-analysis than ordinary successes in sales.

The challenge is to understand why the person concerned and served not bought. Some of the reasons possibly raised:

• Do not bought for mere commercial and financial matters;

• The responsibility was totally the sales area;

• The fault was of top management at some point - developing a good proposal with competitive and advantageous offers, differentiated products and well positioned, appropriate pricing policy or a good support institutional and promotional communication - failed.

Obviously, the sales team has to do their part with competent salespeople, well trained and qualified to meet your goals, but will the company also doing his duty?

It is easy to charge and expect these professionals to solve problems that were not addressed by top management - the best is to realize that neither the efficient application of sales techniques can save proposals without differentiation, unattractive and no advantages over competitors.

So listen to your customers, but even more, listen to your prospects attended and understand how your business is perceived. And do your homework. Only then the sales area will have good arguments, the techniques will be effective and the business happen. The role of marketing is to enhance the sales job. Therefore, the sale is not the cause, but competence of marketing management. Give more attention to the whole process.