(LONDON, July 9, 2019) NewsGuard, the international organization established to restore trust and accountability in the news industry, has deemed Blasting News to be a reliable and trustworthy news site.

Blasting News is a unique type of digital publisher - where every voice counts - creating news content, at a global scale, through the application of collective intelligence in relation to news reporting. The rating signal, from this trusted external source, is the result of Blasting News’ long quest to create a safe space, dedicated to independent journalists and curious readers, from all over the world, eager to know both sides of the story.

A space where anyone can express their original and independent point of view, without any form of editorial pressure and with a strict oversight on quality and fact-checking.

The introduction of best practices and an internal newsroom, in mid-2018, allowed Blasting News to work even closer with its network of contributors, doting them with a better quality tool kit and opening new possibilities for them to continue exploring their passion for reporting the news. This has also allowed Blasting News to create higher brand awareness and gain the trust of a global audience, whilst staying true to the principles of a continuous search for transparency and credibility.

NewsGuard uses journalism to fight false news, misinformation, and disinformation.

Their trained analysts, who are experienced journalists, research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trying to do legitimate journalism - and which are not.

Blasting News was awarded the Green Shield by fulfilling all nine criteria of transparency and credibility, including: does not publish false content, gathers and presents information responsibly, regularly correct or clarifies errors, handles the difference between news and opinion responsibly, avoids deceptive headlines, discloses ownership and financing, clearly labels advertising, reveals who’s in charge (including any possible conflicts of interest) and provides the names of content creators along with either contact or biographical information.

Other major publications such as The Guardian in the UK, and The Washington Post in the US are some of the other publishers that have obtained the Green Shield of NewsGuard.

In order to verify the reliability of the news sources you use to stay informed, go to https://www.newsguardtech.com/ and download the NewsGuard extension by clicking on the green button to install the add-on to your browser.

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