In addition to the difficulties of the crisis, people are discredited and discouraged, and thinking to contribute somehow wrote 9 important tips to minimize the impact of the crisis on our business.

01 - Stop talking in the crisis.

The most important is to stop spreading the crisis, even if it is your door, we have to avoid disclosing their impact, enough to bombed media and even enhancing damn, good part of the crisis is composed of lack of Consumer confidence and business by the market, stopping to talk much it reduces its impact, the market is lighter and certainly better for everyone.

02 - Reduction of expenses.

It's time to weigh in spending on unnecessary things, and have a well-fitting sheet in personal accounts and the company, check every week the accounts and not make fun with the money. Spending is as nail, every week we have to cut. Draw a target percentage of each cost center of your business. with its more streamlined business, you will surely be prepared to go through it.

03 - Adjust the product mix.

If you Work with trade, you need to have attention to your product mix!stranded product is money stopped. make a report with the products they sell more, we call the ABC curve and the products they sell less, try to focus your spare the products they sell more, but be careful not to stick your mix and missing important products for your business.

04 - Leaving behind the desk.

It is a time to strengthen the front line of business! especially if you leave the entrepreneur behind the table is to go to the floor shop, Get together with your team, approach them, this is your real team to beat the crisis.

05 - Invest in communication.

More than ever is the time to stay close to its customers, invest in communication channels, send emails with content that he is interested, use the social network correctly, and whenever you can talk and understand their changing needs!

Try using the communication that you really can measure results, alias this you can even abuse.Companies that invest in communication in time of crisis out her first.

06 - Gross new products and services to your business.

Enjoy your point of sale and includes products of high turnover, even that apparently has nothing to do with your mix.O your fixed costs already there!For example if you have a female shoe, put a capinhas gondola phones, glasses, sells clothes, send your sales with options for the customer's home, sacoleira type even small products near the cashier also help in billing.

07 - Run 1 hour more.

Analyze the profile of your customer, People today have little time and any time more than your business stay open is welcome. Traffic, school children understand the comings and goings of your client and make available a bit more of your time to it.

08 - Share optimism with his team.

Optimistic but realistic! Their support is essential to overcome difficult times! create real goals without absurd numbers and if possible do it with them, if they are part of this process they feel more included in the process and yield more.

09 - Markdowns and settlements are not good business.

These actions mask results and give false sensations results in sales. and adjust your mix to not miss if profit in the future and have to markdowns do all the time, protect your profit, but be careful not the shelves are empty!

I hope that with these 9 tips you can minimize market problems, pay close attention to your client, it has changed a lot in the way they act and buy, learn and use this as a competitive advantage for your business thrive in crisis.