My wife and I are a couplein everything, even in Finance.

And when we got married she told me: "From now on you take care of the bills, we will open an account together and you decided our future!" I weresurprised by the decision to because at the beginning of dating she was already well organized with their accounts.

So we decided to make a plan for how it would be our relationship with money. First step was to list all the expenses that would have to keep the house, our common interests, car payment, house financing. And a financial reserve of course, required not to get caught by unwanted surprises.

And so it was. We decided that each would have its percentage to spend the salary, so it would be fair, because the two have different incomes.

All decisions are not easy to take. Also because many had a life, a financial rut before marrying. But when the decision is to join forces efforts should be in common to work.

At the time of the marriage vows the bride and groom make the usual statement, "I promise to be faithful in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in wealth and poverty."

This is úlitma that is complicating many couples who do not understand that deciding to join are becoming a common society. By common interests for joint projects, to prosper together goals, grow, make your stronger.

The relationship of a couple can be compared to business where two companies join forces to prosper together. The goal of this union is that both sides have advantages. If one side wins, the other will see being harmed, and will break the agreement. So one side seeks another partnership to thrive.

It's the truth. People are marrying thinking that marriage is only of bodies, feelings and to care for children.

But where is the goals that each had before marrying. The frustration of marriages begins there.

But this only happens why not hear this talk about wishes and aspirations, where everyone would like to get and seating. The secrets, motivations, ambitions, desires, these are emotions that each must meet the other. Where does the money?

In carrying out these emotions. If all of them are not shared and each one wants to do them alone. How will the entity signed the marriage?

Put some dreams and desires aside for the beginning of this process to flourish is essential to success. You see, I'm not saying you should give up your dreams because of marriage. But it should be discussed before considering marriage. The question is evaluate where your new family fits this dream. For example, "my dream is to ride a bike around the world;" "Living a year abroad to know the culture."

These dreams and desires must be analyzed before the wedding. What is your REAL passion for this? Is it my biggest challenge? If the answer to all these questions is YES, then decide whether the marriage is a priority.

Or, if you find a partner or ideal partner who has the same desires and would like to join forces to achieve them together. It would be the true pinnacle of fulfillment of dreams.

In most cases where the couple unites financial forces they thrive. The couple comes in tune and together define what should be invested for the couple and what each needs to own achievement.

This financial process will succeed only with the complicity of both financial goals. What we want to be or have? What we need? What we need? Thought must be in the US and not in the US. Thus, the money will never be the problem between the couple, but the motivation for fulfillment of dreams and desires.

Always thinks that money is not your enemy but the reward for their efforts. And it will help you to realize your wishes and dreams materials.