We cannot neglect the fact that New York offers plenty of facilities for its residents. Every year, more and more people from parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Canada come here to begin their careers. Apart from this, New York City is famous among students who are looking for advanced degree programs. When it comes to reside here, you can find numerous houses and luxury apartments. The United Nations International School has named these residential buildings to be ideal for families. Before we begin the roundup, let me tell you that the minimum per month rent is $1000.

Also, your salary should be at least $250,000 before you apply for a family residence visa.

Waterside Plaza

Murray Hill‘s Waterside Plaza boasts various events and amenities for adults and children. During your stay here, you can enjoy facilities like swimming pool, indoor shopping centers, restaurants, and ground-floor offices. Renting an apartment in Waterside Plaza is like a dream comes true. The management here offers several training programs for the little ones, including the Super Soccer Stars Program. Moreover, two state-of-the-art playgrounds add value to your comfort level. There are above 1400 apartments, most of which are available for rent. In case you want to buy a house, you would have to pay around $12000 or more depending on a number of bedrooms.

At the southern end of the plaza, there are several schools.

The Regent

The Regent is present in the Lincoln Center area. It is one of the most affordable and well-versed residential buildings of the US. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this tower should be your choice. It is close to the Time Warner Center, one of the most fabulous shopping destinations of New York.

There are retail stores, nightclubs, and restaurants including Whole Foods, and H&M. If you want to rent an apartment, go ahead since the booking has begun and only a few rooms are left. The Regent facilitates the children with a playground, and there is enough space for parking.

The Brompton

The Brompton is a newly constructed villa building in New York.

Thus, more than half of its apartments are available. This is a golden chance for you to pay a few hundred bucks and book your residence. This building features a large playground for children, private lounge, spa and fitness centers, and restaurants. A couple of retail shops are present here. There are two daycare centers: one for children and second for pets. Being close to the Carl Schurz Park, this residential building is ideal for anyone who is health conscious. Here you can enjoy jogging early in the morning, or get a membership at the gym.