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What’s wrong with the Golden Globe nominations?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association snubs 'The Big Sick,' 'Wonder Woman', and 'Wind River.'
For as long as I can remember, Christmas was a big deal for me. As a teenager, I introduced myself to the cinematic world. From that time, every Christmas was not about the family or the presents, but about the Oscars! I still remember sitting in front of my television, waiting for the nominations’ announcement. It was like I was being nominated. I have managed to connect my passion with my career, so every article I write about cinema is kind of personal piece of myself. In my world, everybody deserves equal opportunities, no matter the background, the studies, and the gender. Two years ago I was part of the massive wave on Twitter; OscarsSoWhite. I am afraid that this year I will be part of another wave; OscarsSoMale. Before any judgment or conclusion, I have to wait until the 5th of February, when the American Academy will announce the nominations. However, for many people, the Golden Globes is Oscar’s forerunner. So, based on the Globe’s nominations, some points could be...