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2017: The biggest blockbuster battle ever

Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Fast & The Furious and Pirates of the Caribbean are just some of the highest-grossing franchises going head-to-head this year.
The first Justice League trailer already has nearly 15 million views in just two days and promises to be a strong contender in this year’s battle of the box office. But given that seven of the top ten highest-grossing franchises are releasing films in 2017, it looks like it could be the biggest blockbuster battle ever. If only J. K. Rowling was stepping into the ring too (although Beauty & The Beast's Belle certainly has a number of similarities with Hermione Granger). Wonder Woman & Justice League Gal Gadot has certainly been busy, as Wonder Woman will feature in two of the year’s hottest releases. The first will be June’s eponymous tale that any feminist will surely praise, and the second will be November’s Justice League, where she will star alongside Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa as part of the superhero team. The latter will no doubt replicate the previous success of DC and Batman films. However, given the performance of Marvel’s Avengers at the box...
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