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Could the Boys from Baker Street be coming back for a fifth season?

Sherlock said it best, it’s simply 'elementary'. He is after all Sherlock Holmes whose brilliance has stood the test of time.
For centuries, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have captured the imaginations of audiences around the globe. No matter how sticky the situation seemed to get Sherlock always stepped in with an ultimately logical, yet, at the same time surprising solution. Leaving the audience wondering how they didn’t see it first. This uncanny ability to make us see what was so blatantly right in front of our eyes was the main essence of Sherlock’s brilliance, hence the popularity of the detective's phrase, it’s all just “elementary.” No doubt the modernised version of the world’s only consulting detective adventures released back in 2010 was destined to be a sure-fire hit. Finally, a re-make that enhanced the story instead of ruining it One imagines fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle breathe a side of relief that unlike other remakes, and despite the modernisation, for the most part, episodes and story lines have stayed true to the original. This dedication to stick to the...