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Marwan Koukash and his Cumbrian dream could work

Recently, the outspoken multimillionaire has outlined his desire to create an all-encompassing Cumbrian team. Could it work?
Dr Marwan Koukash has not been short of making the headlines in recent years. Now the former Salford owner has broached the idea of backing a new team in Cumbria - one of the traditional heartlands of Rugby League. Though the plan is still very much in its infancy, Koukash is fancying a new project in the sport after his unsuccessful reign at Salford. The main question on everyone's lips however, is could such an idea work? Cumbrian Lakers The county of Cumbria already has three professional or semi-professional teams - Barrow Raiders in the Championship and Whitehaven and Workington Town in League One. Now, Koukash wants to add a fourth - although the Palestine-born businessman did state that he would welcome any of the three clubs to join forces with him - and call it Cumbrian Lakers. Cumbria is an area is crying out for investment - and it is currently being lost to the wave of new, expansion sides outside of the M62 corridor. Only Workington Town have played in the Super League -...