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Jesse Sene-Lefao is the type of player that a club should be built around

The Samoan has only been at Castleford for just over a year, but he is already one of the most idolised players to ever play in a Tigers' shirt.
When Castleford signed Jesse Sene-Lefao in October 2016, few were expecting the Samoan international to have the impact that he has had on the club. But, within months he became a firm fans' favourite, not only for his spirited and physical play, but also for the way he conducted himself off the field. A real bubble of energy, Sene-Lefao looks like one of the happiest guys on the planet and has brought a buzz to the club that few players have brought in the past. His contract runs out of the end of this year, but he should be the first on the list for a contract renewal. Let's take a look at his past, present and potential future. Early life and early career Born in Wellington, New Zealand on 8 December 1989, Sene-Lefao grew up in a religious household, regularly attending church. His family is quite large - he himself has four children - with Jesse being the nephew of former Wests Tigers centre Tim Simona and cousin of North Queensland Cowboys centre Matthew Wright. Sene-Lefao got...