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Super 8s playing schedule makes a mockery of the family game concept

Rugby League prides itself on being supportive of families, yet no Super 8s fixtures are being held on a Sunday afternoon.
Rugby League is forever presenting itself as a sport that is family-orientated in a bid to get the next generation interested. Clubs continuously try new initiatives to get the youngsters playing and watching the sport; Castleford's "My Home Debut Experience", for example, allows new junior fans to take a look behind the scenes on match days and even walk out of the tunnel and around the pitch at half-time. Such children are the future of the game and, traditionally, a Sunday afternoon fixture is the perfect time to introduce potential life-long fans. Yet, the Super 8s fixtures - all of them - take place on either a Thursday or Friday night or a Saturday evening. Sky holds the power Clearly, those games shown on Sky on a Thursday or Friday night are written in stone due to the fact that Sky has an ever-strengthening monopoly on Rugby League. This is despite the sport being a poor relation to the likes of Football, Rugby Union and Formula 1. Catalans are scheduled to play every Saturday...