Almost 48 hours after the horrific incident, multiple photos have been released on the internet on how fatal the crash was. These photos were taken by a mountain biker who was near the crash site. According to the biker, he took the photos around 9:49 AM which coincided with the initial report that the accident might have happened around 9:45.

The Kobe Bryant Tragedy

The demise of Kobe Bryant is now considered as the biggest sports tragedy in history. The Black Mamba isn’t just a basketball player but widely considered as an icon. Fans across the globe are pouring in and showing appreciation of Kobe’s greatness.

Earlier today, it was posted on a credible web magazine several photos of the crash after the impact. As seen on the photos, his Sikorsky S-76 which is about 1,700 feet is engulfed in flames. There are also debris scattered within the area which indicates that the helicopter that they wherein slammed on the hillside. It also created bush fire which luckily didn’t spread out due to the weather on that day.

Further Investigation on the Incident

Officials and aviation experts stated that the way the helicopter crashed means the passengers on board has little to no chance of surviving. The biker who was the very first one on the crash site tried to check any survivor but the flames are too big for him to penetrate.

Firefighters, police authorities and emergency medical team(EMT) rushed through the vicinity as well. However, despite their efforts to storm the front, the wall of fire created by the crash is to great for them to handle. Also, they’ve sent out medical chopper and air medical services to see a better view of the crash site and to check possible angles on how to deploy their team.

Bryant has been travelling to and from Los Angeles in his private chopper for the longest time. His very reason why he opted to travel via helicopter is to avoid traffic and not waste time. That’s the staple of the legend of Kobe Bean Bryant. A maniacal, lunatic who spend most of his life time chasing greatness. That’s where the “Mamba Mentality” was created.

Instead of wasting time on a busy hi-way, he would rather travel on his chopper to have more time perfecting his craft.

Further investigation is being initiated as a myriad of information is being gathered already. What baffle’s some of the experienced pilots is that, Ara Zoboyan, the pilot of the helicopter is travelling too fast considering that they are surrounded by thick fog. Although he is in control as reported, they are still bewildered with the pilots decision.

NBA Cancels Lakers and Clippers Game

On the other hand, the NBA and the two LA teams agreed to cancel their game as a sign of respect to the late great, Kobe Bryant. The front office of LA Lakers has already made a statement on the incident and like everybody, they are still shocked with what had happened.