The Lanka Cricket team has played two test matches in Pakistan. They put in poor performance and lost the series badly. This was the first tour by a foreign cricket playing nation to Pakistan to play test cricket after almost a decade. It must be remembered that about eight years back, the same Lanka team while playing in a test match at Lahore was attacked by terrorists, and many Lanka players were injured. The Times of India has reported the Pakistan cricket teams head coach Misbah-ul-Haq has lashed out at the decision of the Bangladesh cricket board.

He wondered if Bangladesh can play one-day matches in Pakistan what's stopping them from playing 5-day cricket test matches

Test cricket in Pakistan

For reasons best known to them, the Lankan team advertised that Pakistan was ready for test cricket. The cricketing world does not accept the same opinion. Australia, South Africa, and England and not agreed to play test cricket there. Bangladesh has decided to play two one day matches in Pakistan, but it has drawn the line at playing the longer version of the game, i.e. the five-day test match. Bangladesh cricket board has requested that the matches be played at a Neutral Venue.

Pakistan is desperately keen to restart cricket in that country. However, the country is identified as a source of terror as well as terror funding.

The country is also under observation for terror financing activities by the FATF.

Pakistan's economy is in free fall. Holding test matches in Pakistan and acceptance by the cricketing community will go a long way in improving the cricket finances of the Pakistan cricket board. However, foreign countries have refused to tour Pakistan and play the longer version of the game.

Test championship

The proposed test matches are part of the world test championship. Bangladesh is insistent that the test matches be played at a neutral venue.

The rejection to play test cricket in Pakistan by the Bangladesh cricket board is a blow. The test matches will now probably be played in the United Arab Emirates at either Dubai or Sharjah.

Pakistan has been playing their home matches at these venues, whenever home series is to be played.

Pakistan is desperate for cricket to take off in their country. The cricketing world led by the three big playing powers England, India, which just registered its 4th consecutive test win by an innings and Australia, has not indicated any acceptance of the Pakistan demand. India has not toured Pakistan for over a decade as India insists that the country is the source of terror in Kashmir. The Hindustan Times has reported that the PCB chairman Ehsan Mani has sent an email to the Bangladesh cricket board refusing to hold a test series at a neutral venue. It will be interesting to watch the Bangladesh reaction.


Pakistan and Bangladesh have a long history of enmity. Bangladesh was earlier East Pakistan and part of the Eastern region. The Bengalis revolted against domination by the west and with the help of India established the state of Bangladesh in 1971.

Bangladesh has just toured India and lost both the test matches by big margins. They have, however, refused to play test matches in Pakistan. This could be a ploy to deny the advantage of playing on the home cricket ground and making pitches to suit their bowlers.