As the National Football League gets ready for its 100th season, training camps of all 32 teams have begun or will begin this weekend. However, some players are not happy with their current contracts and are holding out by not showing up for their respective training camps. Two names that have all eyes on them as they holdout are Michael Thomas and Melvin Gordon.

Michael Thomas and the Saints

Michael Thomas is a surprising name to see holding out as the New Orleans Saints began training camp on Thursday. Thomas is entering the final year of his rookie contract that is set to pay him US$1.148 million.

Thomas is definitely worth way more than this amount. Thomas and the Saints began talks of a new contract back in June, but the two sides haven't made an agreement yet. Reported by, Michael Thomas is prepared to sit out until he gets a new deal done.

Thomas has been Drew Bress's number one target since the wide receiver entered the league from Ohio State University back in 2016. In three years in the NFL, Thomas has had at least 90 receptions, 1,000 yards receiving, and five touchdowns. This could be a major impact on the Saints if Thomas elects to holdout into the regular season.

Last season was Thomas's best season where he had 125 receptions for 1,405 receiving yards with nine touchdowns.

Melvin Gordon and the Chargers

Another name to watch for holding out is the Los Angeles Chargers' running back, Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon who was upfront before training camp stating that he would to be traded for the Chargers did not give an extension as he enters the final year for his rookie deal.

As the Chargers begin their training camp, no Melvin Gordon which means he is serious about getting a new contract back on July 11.

Gordon is set to earn US$5.6 million on his final year on the current contract, but the star running-back wants a lengthy contract that has guarantees attached.

In four years in the NFL and the Chargers main back, Gordon has had at least 175 carries per year. He has only reached 1,000 yards rushing only once and has only played a full season once. In 12 games played last season, Gordon was more of a all-round back where he had 885 yards rushing with 10 touchdowns and 490 yards receiving.

With both Michael Thomas and Melvin Gordon holding out how do the Saints and the Chargers handle things going forward? Saints and the Chargers hold all the cards while Thomas and Gordon can only hope for the best.

Each player can be fined for missing camp days at the team's discretion. Another factor in these holdouts ending quickly is that the respective teams can franchise tag each player next year if they choose to.

Other players who haven't showed for training camp are Jadeveon Clowney for the Houston Texans, Yannick Ngakoue for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins, and Ezekiel Elliott for the Dallas Cowboys.