Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield revealed yesterday that he got in touch with New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones in order to talk about some comments he made in a press article.

The purpose of Mayfield´s article was to manifest his astonishment because of the Giants´ incorporation of David Jones to their team. But afterwards, through Instagram, Mayfield retracted in some way, his comments saying he felt that these ones were out of place. And in his first press conference, since the interview was published in GQ magazine on Tuesday, he went deep into his comments, expressing he felt they were out of place.

'I just wanted to clear the air with Jones'

“It had nothing specifically to do either with Daniel or the victory and all that”, claimed Mayfield, on Wednesday. Likewise, he said he had to get in touch with Daniel because he wanted him to know that the whole business has got out of hand and he also wished to make him know how he felt. Mayfield claims he's only heard great things about (Giants running back) Saquon (Barkley) and (Giants receiver) Sterling Shepherd. For them, as well as for their opinions, he said he has "enormous respect". Mayfield said he only wanted “to clear the air with him”.

According to Mayfield, Jones´attitude was “cordial” after their contact through text messages. Mayfield cleared everything up and explained what happened.

According to him, GQ's interview did not mislead him at any time; what happened was that he had "completely forgotten" the conversation he had with Jones.

Jones was selected as number 6 by New York in the preliminary round of the April outline, what led many to question whether the Giants had taken the ex-Duke quarterback. Since then Jones has been playing very well in the preseason.

Thus he has completed 16 of the 19 for 228 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. Nevertheless, he has lost two balls in two games.

'There is always a first time' for everything, so they say

Mayfield was the number one in the 2018 Draft and stood out after he took over the Browns' starting place. Mayfield said it was the first time he would speak about the affair because they were only things taken out of context.

“That is the problem”, he said, “about day and age. You don´t read everything, only the transcriptions”. And, he add that what people do not realize is “that the conversation led me to say that I was surprised that I was recruited as No. 1 in general, too, and that after that I rant about the evaluation of QB and the frustration of the recruiting processes and other things that are very well documented, my thoughts [are] about a lot of that”.