The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to reload and revamp ahead of the opening of the 2019 training camp. The team made it all the way to the AFC Championship a year ago. This time around, they're looking to go two steps further and win the Super Bowl.

In order to get there, the team is looking to revamp its roster a bit. They've already done that in some regards. A defence that was among the worst in the entire NFL a year ago has added just enough players that analysts believe it could be one of the better units this time around.

That retooling is a good thing for the Kansas City Chiefs in general.

It could be bad news for a few players who are rumoured to be on the roster bubble as training camps are set to ramp up.

Gehrig Dieter's career on Kansas City Chiefs coming to an end?

The team finds itself in an interesting position when it comes to Gehrig Dieter. The receiver is one of those players that is popular with the fans but hasn't really put up the numbers to be all that popular with the front office.

When you talk to Chiefs fans, you might come away thinking he posted more than one catch in his rookie season. The reality is that he played in just four games and was "targeted" three times. He's got some raw talent, that much is clear. Considering the Chiefs have drafted another receiver, and are expecting big seasons from a few others, Dieter could be on his way out of town.

Daniel Sorensen could be a bit of a surprise

Daniel Sorensen is a slightly different story. He's the kind of player that fans largely forget about when listing off their favourite players. Despite the fact that he's not well known, he's someone who has been a contributor in past years.

In 2016, he played in all 16 games, even if he only had one start.

2017 saw him appear in 15 games and actually start 14 of those contests. Normally, someone like that isn't a name you think of as being on the roster bubble for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The dropoff from 2017 to 2018 is why it's possible he could be dropping right off the team's radar in 2019. Last year he appeared in just seven games and started three of them.

In those games, he logged 26 tackles and an interception.

When talking about the team wanting to revamp the defence, it would appear players like Sorensen would be on the outside looking in. The secondary is one of those areas the front office clearly wanted to get an infusion of talent.

With camps just starting up, it's hard to know where players like Gehrig Dieter and Daniel Sorensen stand. What we do know is there has been talk about the Kansas City Chiefs jettisoning both players before the regular season kicks off. Watching their performances closely could tell the story of the team's plans for 2019.