Draymond Green has spoken out about the incident that happened during a recent Golden State Warriors practice after the video of him punching Jordan Poole went viral. Green apologized to Poole and his family in front of the press.

Green apologizes to Poole and the rest of the team

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Green acknowledged his errors of judgment and apologized to Poole and the Warriors. Green continued by saying that he also expressed his regret to his family for embarrassing them. "That is the task at hand … to rebuild trust in this locker room," Green added.

Green wants the club to once again be focused on winning another championship, since he is aware that his actions have produced a diversion for the group. He needs to work hard to earn back the support of his colleagues and the fan base, but he is motivated to do so. Despite Green's absence from practice on Thursday, Poole did, and general manager Bob Myers promised that any potential reprimands would be handled internally. Green predicted that he will be fit to participate in the team's opening regular-season game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Steph Curry talks about the altercation between Green and Poole

Speaking with reporters after practice on Thursday, Curry discussed if the generational gap between Green and Poole could have contributed to their Wednesday argument.

Curry remarked: "One of his superpowers is being able to bring his fire, competitiveness and his voice, and I don't want him to ever lose that." "Whatever it takes to maintain that presence and trust and rebuild whatever he needs to, that's the journey we're going to be on."

The reigning NBA Finals MVP also said that the younger players needed to "believe" in the identity of the Warriors and the culture that they had developed over the years thanks to him, Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson, and other seasoned players.

Curry should be commended since it seems like the group's older statesmen exemplify what the Golden State culture is all about.

Poole just had a breakout season last year and is destined for a huge payout, either from the Warriors or another team, but Curry and coach Steve Kerr made a point to stress how his mentality has not altered despite this.