The young Matthijs De Ligt (19), a footballer owned by Ajax, is undoubtedly one of the desires of the European market. It seems to interest teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Barcelona, but also Juventus. The player's future will certainly be far from Amsterdam, but it is not yet clear in which clubs can settle in the summer session of the market. The player, however, has also aroused the interest of the strongest players in the world: among them Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about the Ajax defender

At the end of the final of the National League, won by Portugal against the Netherlands, the Juventus player would have expressed words of praise for the young defender De Ligt.

According to the European press, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have said to the defender: "Come to Turin". The invitation could not go unnoticed, so much so that the young defender would respond to the player through an interview with the Dutch television station "Nos". "Cristiano Ronaldo asked me to go to Juventus," he said during a post-match interview. Matthijs De Ligt then said: "I was shocked, that's why I laughed. I didn't understand what he said because I was still meditating on the defeat he suffered on the pitch".

Strong statements that have fueled several market rumors about the possible transfer of Matthijs De Ligt to Juventus, the most successful club in Italy. The player didn't confirm his taste for the 'black and white' shirt, but he didn't deny it.

Matthijs De Ligt will go now and only then will he probably decide what to do in the near future. No doubt he will not easily forget the Cristiano Ronaldo proposal and the praise received from the international press, which often places him as one of the most promising players in the world.

The strategy of Juventus

Juventus would follow the situation in this way, imagining a future central defensive couple composed of the young and Giorgio Chiellini.

To find out more, we just have to wait for Fabio Paratici (Juventus) to make his move and get to the boy born in 1999. Cristiano Ronaldo's approval has been confirmed, which could be a decisive push for the club in its attempt to close the agreement against its rivals. However, its cost is very high, about 80 million, but for this there are no other interested formations on his profile.

Among these, the interest of Bayern Munich seems to have grown: although they have never made concrete proposals to the player and the team, the German team seems to be really one of the destinations most appreciated by the young player of Ajax, Matthijs De Ligt. Further details will undoubtedly come in the coming weeks.