What was shocking to many was not a surprise to NBA experts. Shannon Sharpe, who is “confidant” of LeBron James sent out hints and signals weeks before the trade. Anthony Davis, who is considered a once in a lifetime player got his wish which is to be traded somewhere else. Luckily, it’s with the storied franchise, Los Angeles Lakers.

For those who aren’t updated, Los Angeles sent out their young core which consists of Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and versatile forward Brandon Ingram in exchange of Anthony Davis and future draft picks. With that said, the Lakers have a little to no chance in signing up another max player.

The only way for them to be a contender is to test their luck in free agency. There are plenty of gems in the free agency market that can help their championship goal. One of them is a familiar face who knows exactly what it takes to be a champion and what it means to be a Laker, Trevor Ariza.

Trevor Ariza and JJ Redick

Prior to being traded to the Washington Wizards, the 14 year grizzled veteran was targeted by the Lakers. Ariza is the perfect fit to a LeBron James led the team. A dependable 3 point shooter and lock down defender. The former Duke standout and one of the greatest shooters ever in the game JJ Redick is also a possibility. Currently, he is with the surging Philadelphia 76ers. JJ might not be a two-way player like Ariza, but his efficiency and scoring is what the Lakers need beyond their one-two punch.

Two Way Players

Another name which will be definitely a surprise to Laker fans is their rival from the Boston Celtics, Marcus Morris. Mooks already in his last year with the C’s and there are no confirmation yet if he’s going to resign. The versatile scoring-machine is as tough as they come and a prolific scorer off the bench.

The pesky but ultra reliable Patrick Beverly is another vet that they can depend on. Although he is known as a defensive specialist, Beverly worked his way to become a decent long range shooter.

Stretch Forwards

Bojan Bogdanovic showed last season what he’s capable of. Considered as a versatile forward, Bojan is a nightmare to defend.

For all the championship team that LeBron is in, there’s always an uncanny forward to back up the King. A spot up shooter and a lethal stretch four by the name of Nikola Mirotic is also feasible. Floor spacing is what the Lakers need and that’s what Nikola Mirotic will give. The Spanish-Montenegrin is as efficient as they come and it doesn’t take long for him to catch on fire.

The Lakers are all about banners and championships and the front office knows that they have a small window to do it. Considering LeBron at his age, eventually, father time will catch him. With Anthony Davis already in LaLa land, they need to at least land another player who can help them chase another ring.