There's great expectation amongst football fans to find out the name of the coach who will lead the Juventus team next season. The rumors on Maurizio Sarri become insistent and the negotiations could close soon. Not only coaches though, since the Italian company is also probing the field to place some shots in the players' park. Among the various profiles sought, there would seem to be also that of Paul Pogba of Manchester United.

Pogba could return to Juventus

Since last summer there were rumours of an alleged interest by Juventus in the return of Paul Pogba, who arrived from the Italian team to Manchester United in 2016.

In recent months, however, the rumours about the possible return of the world champion in Italy have found some small 'confirmations'. Pogba has never hidden the desire to return to Italy, he also tried to 'come back' during Juventus-Manchester United in November 2018. Moreover, in the last few weeks the British press has practically given the midfielder's farewell at the end of the current season. Despite the 13 goals in 35 Premier League appearances, the player would not be well regarded by the supporters and for this reason the company would be pondering the idea of ​​selling him.

Paul Pogba in the sights of Real Madrid

In addition to Juventus, "Le10Sport" (news reported also by the Italian press) confirmed the presumed interest of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain as well.

The Spanish team has already concluded several surprising deals (Hazard above all) but does not seem willing to stop. Zidane would be looking for a midfielder and currently the two favorite names would be that of Eriksen (Tottenham) and precisely that of Pogba. But as mentioned, on the former Juventus there would also be the interest of Paris Saint Germain, which in Europe has disappointed expectations and for next season would like to finally make room in the most important European competition, the Champions League.

A hypothesis already circulated in the recent past, mainly the result of the economic capacities of French team. That said, the deal is still tied to the name that will sit on the Juventus bench, which could start a bench waltz. With the arrival of Sarri from Chelsea (negotiation in an advanced state), Juventus could accelerate the negotiations for the return of Pogba, but he will have to take into account the strong interest of Real Madrid, which according to the "Mail on Sunday" would have offered the card of Bale (valued at 100 million euros) plus at least another 50 million euros in cash. The last few weeks and the response of the new coach who will lead Juventus in the 2019/2020 season will be decisive.