Bitmoji is a great application that allows you to create your own avatar and to display it in different situations. It's really intuitive and really user-friendly, and it's just a lot of fun. You've got to give it a go if you haven't tried it and if you haven't heard of it you should know that it's huge. Bitmoji is estimated to have already 50 million users worldwide, and it grew over 3000 percent between last year and the year before. So it's growing quickly. When you start to use it, you'll find out really why so many people love it.

Users worldwide

The company behind Bitmoji won't say precisely how many users are resorting to the app on a daily basis, but it's safe to say that the figures are increasing exponentially. So why have Bitmojis been so popular? Personally, I use them all the time when I'm chatting with people. And one of the reasons why we love them is because they're expressive and we don't have to type. Humanity has a natural tendency to go with really simple things, and that implies less work. When you type, you want to be able to just put like or a smiley face instead of actually saying, I like that. Emojis save you from having to type all of those words and to think about all of those words. And that's the reason why Bitmoji is so popular.

It's kind of an emoji of yourself.

A lot of fun

Another interesting aspect of Bitmoji is that you can use it when you're chatting with someone on WhatsApp or Telegram or as an attachment when sending an e-mail. It can be shared pretty much anywhere. But the really cool thing about Bitmoji is that every day they come up with new expressions, so you can make it wear different costumes and say different things.

I've had so much fun with it lately and had so many laughs because they bring out new characters all the time, characters from famous films or series, for instance, "Game of Thrones." There are so many expressions to choose from that you can't get bored with it. Your Bitmoji is an expressive, funny version of you - it may not look totally like you, but it's similar enough to be your electronic identity.

How to get the app

So how to get the Bitmoji application on your mobile device? If you go to the App Store or to the Google Play store, you'll be able to download it. Once you set it up, it'll just start guiding you through the process of creating your personal emoji. After setting it up, you won't have to do it again, and the app will automatically create all of those fun characters for you with different expressions, different costumes, and different moods. If you want more information, you can go to the website behind the app, But, of course, you can also go to YouTube and find more videos about Bitmoji.