Autism acceptance is increasingly becoming more important than Autism awareness and there is a difference between the two. People are aware of Autism and what it is the myths around it are being challenged. I think people who have spent time fighting the ignorance around Autism have done a great job but that doesn’t mean people are accepting of it. I have Autism myself and I have had trouble dealing with it, so I can understand why people are having trouble with it as well.

Autism is not a disease

But for a lot of people especially parents, an Autism diagnosis is on par with being diagnosed with the worst of diseases.

To me, this is insane as Autism is not life-threatening and with the proper treatment people on the spectrum can live good lives. But the fear around Autism is so strong that many parents would rather let their children die of an easily preventable disease than accept that there is nothing wrong with having Autism.

Parents all over the world are so terrified of Autism that their irrational fear is leading them to make terrible mistakes. They are denying their children lifesaving Vaccines and believing easily disprovable evidence that says vaccines cause Autism. I understand this fear of Autism, it is the fear of being different to everyone else and of course, parents want what is best for their children.

But having Autism isn’t a problem if you don't let it be one.

Fear is a choice

Being on the spectrum means you relate to the world differently and it means people will relate differently to you. This can be difficult for people like me at first, but with the proper support, we can get through it. It all depends on how other people see Autism that leads people to either accepting or bullying a person on the spectrum.

The fear around Autism is a choice - a choice that is having the knock-on effect of putting children in danger of contracting diseases vaccines are supposed to prevent.

The tragic irony

This is the real irony as the real threat to the lives of children is being ignored in favour of a fake panic about a condition I live with every day.

I personally find it incredibly insulting that I am considered a disease and that I need to be cured. I believe the people who support and promote anti-vaxx ideas, and Autism is a choice hashtag on Twitter. The same people support eugenics and Gay conversion therapy and I believe that these people and their ideas are extremely dangerous.

If we carry on with this attitude that Autism is a scary and undesirable condition, then people with Autism will continue to face harassment. But acceptance of Autism can stop the harassment and marginalisation of Autistic people. Acceptance is the only cure and is the only way to end the ignorance that is killing people.