The result of the general election is out. Boris Johnson has led the Conservative party to an absolute majority with 365 seats in a house of 650. Boris Johnson had staked his political future on this election. He has won and will ensure that Brexit becomes a reality. The English people by giving a decisive victory to the Conservatives have signaled their approval of Brexit. The Tory leader had been thwarted in his effort to effect Brexit by 31 October this year by a revolt in his party. All this has been set to rest with this victory and Boris Johnson can celebrate.

Vox has reported that this is the worst showing of the left-wing Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, in nearly 100 years.


The biggest result of this election in my view is not the victory of the Tories but the eclipse of the Labour Party under Corbyn. The party has lost seats and now will have only 203 members in parliament. Who is to blame for this? the Labour party leader has announced that he will step down and not lead the party in any future election. This is a small consolation to the party which will now have to sit in the opposition for five years, unable to influence the course of Brexit.

Labour defeat

Who is responsible for this? I feel that the priorities of the Labour party were wrong.

They were ambivalent on Brexit and Corbyn also hinted at a second referendum on Brexit. The public was not prepared to accept this. What Corbyn was proposing is good politics on the university campuses but when you sell this idea to adults it fails as it has happened now. This is left-liberal politics but it is out of place in the world.

He also failed to gauge the general mood of the Indian diaspora in the UK by harping on Kashmir as an unfinished agenda of partition and supporting Pakistan. He has lost and sealed his political future. WSJ has reported that the British left has to introspect and come up with a solution for its relevance after a poor show in the general election.

Boris Johnson's victory will find support from President Donald Trump who had always supported Brexit. In fact, during the US election campaign, he had also mentioned that the EU was itself an anachronism.


Congratulations have poured in from all over the world. The Indian prime minister Modi with who Johnson has an excellent equation has also congratulated the Tory leader. Johnson is basking in the glow of victory but the tough work will now start. He has promised to leave the EU by 31 January next year. This divorce will herald a new era in the history of England.

For almost one thousand years England which recently hosted the Nato summit has charted an independent path from Europe. Brexit is the followup of that history and England will once again be master of its self. The EU without the UK will lose its monolith face and it is on the cards that rightist parties may rear their heads in the years to come.