Leggings have become quite controversial these days all thanks to the open letter of MaryAnn White, a mother of four boys. Her letter, in summary, is just her complaining about girls wearing leggings. She attended a mass at the University of Notre Dame and made a problem out of it. In her opinion, these clothes are visually uncomfortable due to its effect on men and boys. The self-described Catholic mother then proposes that female students of the University of Notre Dame do not wear leggings. All for the sake of boys and their mothers.

Here's the thing, it's not a sin to be comfortable and she as a mother should know it.

They're fully clothed, decently and still a woman, and an older woman at that still tries to create a stir that shouldn't be there. This is also not the first time that the Notre Dame students have done a protest.

Epic Response

The response of students and the rest of the world by coming up with the hashtag #LeggingsDayND is a great way to address these kinds of views in a civilized manner. Instead of lashing out and calling the woman out, the students came up with something better. By wearing leggings as a form of protest, they've united with one goal. That is to address the ideology of women having to restrict themselves for men, which is a wrong value to uphold in a 21st-century setting.

Leggings are not to blame

Men will always look at women. For the sake of mothers, it is best to raise they raise their children with seeing girls as an equal instead of restricting what they see. It is not them looking at women that should be in question but the way they see women. Clothes are not the issue, values are.

The students' response to the matter with a worldwide trending hashtag is heartwarming.

To see girls in unity in order to address this is a comical way by wearing leggings in protest is nothing short of amazing. Any girl deserves respect, regardless of what they wear. Unless there's a dress code that is being violated, there's no point in making a fuss about leggings the way that mother did. In a way, I believe that the mother has forgotten what it's like to be a young girl.

A round of applause

The movement behind Leggings Day deserves applause because it puts the issue of women's fashion under scrutiny for men or boys, even being called out by an elder for that. It allows girls to come together with the purpose of fighting for their rights to choose their own clothing. Girls should have the freedom to wear what they want and be treated as an equal.

In this particular scenario, we really see that the clothes people wear should not be the one under scrutiny. It's people's values and how they uphold it.