Many people want to write a book and self-publish. Unfortunately, they don't know how. Here are a few steps on how to get started. The first phase is all about finding your idea and getting very clear about why you are writing a book. Most people have an inspiration or motivation to write a book, but they’re not really clear over their 'why'. They don’t take the time to sit down and figure out why they’re writing this book in the first place. When you get really clear on this everything else follows. You will get much more clear on your marketing, how you’re going to write your book quickly, and so on.

Common Reasons

Here are four common reasons why you would write and publish a book:

• Money/leads

• Grow your network

• Build your reputation

• Passion project

Let's go over these reasons one by one, starting with money/leads. For example, you can want your book to be a lead generator while making money from the sale of this publication. You can also use your potential bestseller to grow your network. Since launching my book about networking, I have grown my network quite a lot, to say the least. I was featured on the home page of some local magazine, which resulted in me to being invited to conferences about networking for free and much much more. Besides, my book has enabled me to build my reputation in a very powerful way.

Your opuscule is essentially a glorified business card, a platform you have built for yourself, where you get invited to speak at conferences and build your authority and personal brand in a bigger way so you stand out from the competition. Many reporters from credible websites will reach out to you, especially if you manage to achieve bestselling status.

When you have many great reviews, both from your audience and influencers, then people start to respect and trust your opinion on whatever you are writing about.

What are you passionate about?

Last but not least, some people just feel that they have a book in them that they need to get out there. It’s as if they don’t get this information out it’s going to be almost a “crime” because they know it so well.

In their case, getting published is essentially a passion project. For instance, you may write a text in the context of some charity project: all the money goes to charity for every book purchased.

Summing up

So, these are the four reasons why you may want to write a book in the first place. Or you have a message to get across. For instance, in his book "The Last Soldiers", Davide Grandi which I read recently, he expresses his reflection about social interactions between people and animals. Once you are clear about your own reasons for writing a book, you will be able to move on to the next phase, positioning your book to reach your target market.