Aamir Khan is a big name in Bollywood and is credited for being the star with the biggest number of hits. Unfortunately this time his Film " Thugs of Hindostan" has bombed at the box office. This, after making a splash and having a great impact on opening day but within a week the revenue dropped and critics have dubbed the film a failure. Aamir Khan has set certain benchmarks over the years with his clever and visionary script choosing. In fact, many actors follow him on those fronts. This time Aamir let his followers and the public at large down by choosing a script that was, to say the least, weird featuring a hotchpotch of pirates and battles in the eighteenth century.

India Yahoo has reported that there has been a perceptible fall in revenue and the film has failed despite the holiday season and Diwali celebrations.

A mess

Aamir Khan whose 2016 film "Dangal" broke all box office records is a perfectionist and has a tremendous fan following. His films are not just watched by his fans; they are watched by everyone. There is no doubt he brings to the screen unconventional themes and tales, however, perhaps he tinkered a little too much with the script and making a mess of it. The result is that the fans are disappointed and the nation has rejected the film.

Biggest flop

A film of this grandness and scale which featured Aamir Khan-Amitabh Bachchan for the first time on screen had generated tremendous interest.

Despite such a big star cast, the film had a weak storyline. The subject itself about Thugs who roamed about in Central India is very interesting but Aamir and the director digressed and brought in comedy and sea pirates completely corrupting the tale. Business Today has commented that the film may recover some money by way of rights, overseas revenue etc.

The producers forgot the basic axiom that "content is king" and dished out a hotchpotch tale and the stars of the film led by Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Katrina Kaif seemed off colour. Timesnownews.com has reported that Amir has realised the gravity of the situation and decided to forgo any profit share from the movie.

Aamir Khan slipping

The start of the film was inauspicious and right from the first show the audience gave a negative feedback. Thus "Thugs Of Hindostan" started on the wrong foot and it never recovered. Moreover, Aamir by cutting the role of Katrina in preference to his newfound romantic interest Fathima Sana Sheik who had earlier donned a swimsuit during Ramadan did not help matters. Many were disappointed to see that Katrina only had a small cameo role. Social media also lit up with negative comments and the die was cast for the failure of Aamir's film. Aamir Khan's films rarely bomb at the box office and this failure is an exception. But it can't be brushed under the carpet and means this particular Khan who is part of the famous trio of Khans is slipping.