Miss Bertie is the legends name! The 100-year-old woman was interviewed by Craig O'Neill the news anchor for THV11 News in Little Rock United States. He asked her how she was so fit for her age. And to be honest, I want to know what's in her lunchtime smoothie! Her reply was so simple and personal.

Miss Bertie replied: "just keep you (sic) hand in God’s hands and keep for it, everything will be alright."

The dreaded comment section!

I honestly do not know why I did this but I clicked on the article and went to the comment section at the bottom. I was holding my breath, waiting for the horrible, negative comments.

However, there were none. They were so supportive, people wishing Miss Bertie a happy birthday, and being the complete opposite of what I thought they would be.

Whilst writing this article, based upon the Daily Positive (personal growth and positive living business, providing actionable inspiration for a better life - dailypositive.com), I honestly thought to myself: "why was I thinking so negatively of other people?" Then the word social media slapped me in the face. The amount of times I have heard about people's comment section being full of negativity and hate, I had just expected this to happen. Yet, not a single person mentioned the lady being religious. This is what should be praised. The idea that people have not focussed on the lady's reply, but the fact that she reached 100 years old.

How to reach 100-years-old

In 2017, The Independent created an article asking many of those who had reached the three-digit age how did they do it. Whilst reading the article, "How do we reach 100? Some of the world’s oldest people reveal their secrets", many had stated that faith is what allowed them to reach 100. As well as having a strong family connection, Young's article also stated that the Mediterranean diet was the most popular.

Eating less of the bad things and more of the right things.

What has turned 100 recently

  • It has been 100 years since women have been able to vote.
  • It was Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday and there were coins made to mark his birthday.
  • Warner Bros Pictures kicked off their film empire in 1918!
  • The end of World War One.
  • Raggedy Ann dolls are also celebrating their 100th birthday.

Top 10 TV shows and their 100th episode

  • Grey's Anatomy (S5, E22)
  • Supernatural (S5, E18)
  • Gilmore Girls (S5, E13)
  • Friends (S5, E3)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S5, E22)
  • The Good Wife (S5, E10)
  • The X-Files (S5, E3)
  • Cheers (S5, E5)
  • The West Wing (S5, E12)

100 years vs time

The idea of reaching this age seems impossible.

In the UK, the average life expectancy is just over 81 years. So if you add another 20 years onto that, it does seem impossible to reach.

But if we think about it, when it comes to time, this is actually an incredibly small number. It is only one minute and 40 seconds in 100 seconds. An extremely small amount of time. Even if we look at animals, tortoises live beyond 100 years. Bowhead whales live more than double human lifespan.

So thinking about it, living to 100 years is actually quite small when we are comparing it to time, and how long other creatures live for. But when we think about putting us into our own category, living to 100 years is an accomplishment. It is hard to live that long; especially running down the corridor like Miss Bertie.