"Boruto" Chapter 32 sees the Naruto fight against Delta reaching a climax. No wonder, because the author of Boruto is trying to make the fight look epic and unpredictable. But today I am not going to talk about that since I was just not really interested in chapter 32. That's because Naruto looked like being beaten by Delta, so I decided to predict what might come in Boruto chapter 33.

Chapter 32 seems not to makes any sense for me, since I knew that Naruto was the God of Shinobi for the era of Boruto, but one thing that I could say for this chapter is that Naruto is not serious yet, because he had to protect his children and Kawaki.

Also, he had to dig out some kind of information about Kara, so if he decided to kill Delta, that might be the end of the day.

Then again, he can't really go all out as we knew that he was in the village of Konoha, but if he does, and using Kurama in the complete form, there is a chance that he might harm the village. That's why he still considers whether to do it or not.

What might happen in the next chapter

Let's talk about the next chapter and what could happen. Will he (Naruto) be defeated by Delta or otherwise? Actually, it's hard to think that Naruto will be defeated so fast since we know too that this new anime is not going to maintain the momentum for very long if it does happen. In fact, most of the fans might not believe in this anime anymore if the author disappoints them by making Naruto so weak.

So from that, I don't think that Naruto will be defeated in the next chapter. Delta might manage to escape with Koji, or Delta will be beaten by Naruto and Naruto will certainly get what he wanted earlier.

Plus, Delta as we knew before, can't really maintain her technique anymore because it has consumed a lot of her chakra and she doesn't have as much chakra as Naruto possesses.

Obviously, it's impossible for her to finish the battle and end it with the loss of Hokage.

Delta is weak

In other words, Delta is weak without the help of Jigen and Jigen is the only person who actually has stronger battle skills because he is the one who gives the power of karma to Kawak. Additionally, there is a possibility that Jigen also has never defeated an Otsusuki member.

In addition, Delta is just a small character and she doesn't play a really big role in this chapter. Furthermore, don't forget that Naruto still has Sixth Path Sage Mode. If Naruto uses it to fight Delta, the battle between them will be finished very fast.