'Jessie and the Elf Boy' is inspired by the old legend of Ghillie Dhu, building on it in a fun and imaginative way. Teenager Jessie is disorientated by the sudden arrival of Ghillie Dhu, a peculiar boy dressed in leaves and moss who has a talent for creating wacky hairstyles. (Oh, and he's invisible to everyone except Jessie.) But she soon realizes that he can help her make a splash in the hairstyling scene, as well as finally reconnect with her distant mother.

Ghillie's invisibility leads to a stream of comic episodes as other people unwittingly encounter him.

As Jessie's career takes off, it seems like all her dreams are coming true, but it becomes increasingly difficult to keep her elf companion a secret.


The Film stars Julia Brown, an accomplished Scottish actress who is known for BBC shows such as 'World on Fire,' 'Shetland' and 'M.I. High'. Alongside her, in the role of Ghillie Dhu, is 11-year-old Huck Whittle, a newcomer to the screen and certainly one to watch. Jessie's mother is played by veteran Scottish actress Gail Watson, whose screen work includes 'Katie Morag,' 'River City,' and 'Annika.'

In addition, the film features a host of other brilliant Scottish actors and includes hilarious performances from Belle Jones and Eloise King Anderson.

Production company Fellowship Film

'Jessie and the Elf Boy' is the latest feature film from the emerging Scottish production company Fellowship Film. Their debut feature film, 'The Gaelic King,' was a fantasy action/adventure set in 800AD Scotland, telling the story of warrior-king Alpín mac Eachdach as he fights to regain his kingdom.

The film was so innovative in its approach that it received a commendation from the Scottish Parliament as a triumph of resourceful filmmaking.

Fellowship Film is based in Glasgow and run by five brothers from two Scottish families: Philip Todd, Matthew Todd, Nathan Todd, John Walkinshaw, and Tom Walkinshaw. They believe in the power of positive and authentic communities in making bold and inspiring films.

Philip Todd, the writer, director, and producer of 'Jessie and the Elf Boy' describe it as "an uplifting Scottish movie for the whole family." He says: "We filmed in the height of the pandemic, which was certainly a challenge, but we were motivated by the belief that in difficult times people need a story like this all the more – a story with laughter, friendship, magic, and a big heart."

Family film

This is a film that the whole family can enjoy together; it is all-ages-approved by Dove.org. Children will have fun watching Ghillie as he gets up to mischief and causes chaos in the chic hair salon, and parents will find Jessie's quest to heal her relationship with her mother resonant and moving.

Those who like a good drama will be satisfied by the film's ending, which is surprising and emotionally impactful. Of course, the story will also appeal to those with interest in Scottish legends.

'Jessie and the Elf Boy' will be available from April 1, 2022, in the US, Canada, and the UK on all major digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.