Afghanistan is once again under Taliban control and people are seeing the abhorrent rules they are inflicting on the country. There are many psychological impacts and mental health issues affecting young girls.

Claims and contradictions

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in August after twenty years of conflict. The Taliban claimed they would respect girls’ human rights and let access to education for girls continue. They have not followed through.

The Human Rights Watch Report from September 2021 “List of Taliban Policies Violating Women’s Rights in Afghanistan” reported women and girls’ rights decreasing rapidly since the Taliban came to power again.

A saddening and disgraceful decision has been made by the Taliban Education Ministry. Secondary school would re-open for boys only.

The belief that girls should only get a primary school education is shocking.

The United Nations Global perspective Human Stories in 2021 “Afghanistan Women's Rights are ‘Red Line’, UN rights chief tell States” expressed severe disapproval at the breach of human rights by the Taliban. They are urging the Human Rights Council to step in to prevent the abuse.

Facing the future

This does not only affect girls’ futures but also denies them simple human rights. It must surely affect their mental health and emotional and psychological well-being.

They are taught from a young age that they do not need or deserve anything more than a primary education.

This could be extremely psychologically damaging to these young girls in Afghanistan. The belief they are not worth more and are not equal to their male counterparts could destroy their confidence. It could cause anxiety and could increase feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.

Inferiority will have been ingrained into their heads from a young age and it could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Being denied a higher education strips these girls of their human rights. It is a barrier to a full-filling future. It also strips them of their self-worth, self-belief and dignity. They are being treated as lesser humans and could grow up believing that themselves, merely because of their gender.

Afghan girls are likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression in the future.

Many countries around the world are continuing to welcome Afghan refugees, and are offering equal access to education. These young girls could arrive with a battered mindset. They may find it extremely difficult to adjust to their new life and accept they have equal opportunities. It could still be an obstacle they will have to try and overcome in life.

No human being should be made to feel unequal and undeserving of equal rights.

Showing support

People around the world should be supporting these young Afghan girls. They should be reminding them that they are equal to their male counterparts, and they do not deserve anything less.

We need to recognise the protests people are continuing to do in Afghanistan.

Using social media is a great way to show your support.

  • You can share photos and videos of the protests. Sharing can reach millions of people around the world. The protestors voices will be heard in many corners of the world. It will raise awareness.

This is not just a problem limited to Afghanistan. It is the worlds’ problem.