Meghan Markle topped the Best Dressed Woman 2018 list over at People Magazine. They noted that she easily takes the top spot as she manages to look "regal and relatable." But let's be honest, she always was stylish and looked totally awesome in jeans and tees even before she became a royal. As a "Suits" actress, more than likely, she would not be fronting People. Perhaps it's just that nowadays, she gets in front of the cameras more often so she has a wider audience. Since marrying Prince Harry, her outfits often get style aficionados in a froth of gushy comments.

Add a bouquet and they could be describing a fine wine.

Easy elegance describes Meghan Markle

Easily elegant, Meghan has a way about her that gets fans frantic to own what she wears. The popular couple just needs to be spotted anywhere on TV or in public and there's a rush on to pick up whatever it is she's wearing. Whether that's a pair of jeans or a Strathberry handbag, stylish people want it, must have it! Meghan's life made a major turnaround when she was wed to Britain's popular royal, Harry. The elegance that was always there allowed her to almost effortlessly adapt to the very non-American lifestyle she now lives. Class act Meghan. For that reason alone, she should be on the top of it all list.

Best dressed in 2018, she always carried off style

There's always the trollers and haters, and many a tabloid or blog scrutinize for any faults. Luckily, she seldom makes mistakes for eagled eyed put-downers. While Meghan's budget is a blockbuster one right now, fans of the couple can always search through Google for older photos from 2011 or her appearances on NBC's Deal or No deal to see how she dressed when she had a smaller wallet.

So, to look as classy as our classiest best-dressed woman, you can still do it at the rummage shop or the local market stalls.

People wrote, “Her clothes are beautifully cut. There’s nothing bold or brash or too extreme. They are really just beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman,” says Hilary Alexander, former fashion director of The Telegraph.

" If clothes make the woman, then everyone can look beautiful. What it takes to carry it off though, is the style in which people wear the clothes. Posture, confidence, head up high and care to apply makeup, all count towards the overall effect. There's an inner light in people too, and the most expensive dress in the world can't hide an ugly nature, a sulky mouth or unwashed hair.

Markle's beauty comes from within

A lot of Meghan's beauty comes from within. In fact, she'd look good in a mechanics boiler suit and work safety boots. Now, we just have to hope that she keeps her lovely nature intact. Meghan Markle, People's Top Dressed Star should be the winner of the Most Beautiful Smile too, while such awards are being dished out.