Boris Johnson became the British Prime Minister after Theresa May failed to carry members of her own party on the issue of Brexit. He perhaps expected a smooth sailing on this issue but all his efforts have ended with a rap on the knuckles. He tried to suspend parliament and got the queen to sign the declaration but the highest court in the land has nullified his attempt. He is looking extremely beleaguered and has discovered that Brexit is not a simple issue. As per the latest report from BBC, the British parliament has created history by sitting for the first Saturday assembly in 37 years to vote on a new Brexit deal.

Boris Johnson and Brexit

Boris Johnson is adamant that Brexit must take place by 31 October, however, it looks like the house is in no mood to humour the PM. It appears that despite exhortations British MPs will not vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. The government has now decided to introduce legislation next week with the first vote on Tuesday.

England is a divided house and this is more than evident in the conduct of parliament. The PM has made it clear that he will not ask for any Brexit delay. The fact is that many have serious misgivings about a "no-deal" Brexit. England voted to leave the EU mainly because of a fear it would be second fiddle to Germany which is now the powerhouse of Europe and the main leader of the EU.

This was achieved without firing a shot, something which the Germans failed to accomplish earlier.


The referendum was a close call but the majority voted for Brexit. The PM has made it clear that he will not ask for an extension from the EU leaders and there should be no delays. He appears determined to execute the divorce from the EU on schedule.

He is of the view that MPs should support his deal with the EU "in overwhelming numbers." Johnson has the support of Donald Trump who some back aborted an attack on Iran.

Lawmakers dither

Unfortunately for Johnson, the British MPs have on Saturday voted to delay a decision on the Brexit deal, arguing they needed more time to study its contents before the deadline.

This has been reported by the Washington Post.

Lawmakers have backed an amendment that effectively will force the government to request an extension until January next year. This will be a bitter pill to swallow for Johnson who has made his priority clear i.e. he wants to leave the EU by 31 October this year. On the face of it looks highly unlikely but in politics, nobody can be sure and course of events can change at the drop of a hat.

Last word

Britain has always charted an independent course from the European countries and at one time controlled half the globe with a massive empire. Perhaps that hangover has not yet gone and the divorce from the EU is one way of Britain exerting her independence and place in the world polity of nations. It will be interesting to watch how Boris Johnson solves the problem and leads Britain out of the EU.