The pivotal game yesterday between conference rival Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors didn’t disappoint basketball fans. Both teams showed why they are the favourites to win the coveted NBA championship. However, a much larger story has dominated the game.

Kevin Durant out

Around 2:35 in the 3rd quarter, Kevin Durant suffered an injury. The initial findings were calf strain, however, he is scheduled to have an MRI later today. The way Durant got injured is very weird, to say the least, but it has happened multiple times already in the league.

After making his patented elbow jumpshot, KD was about to run and play defence, however, he immediately stopped and reached toward his calf/ankle area. He then signaled to the bench and let them know that there’s something wrong. Visibly shaken KD limped off the court.

Non-contact injury

For those who are not familiar, non-contact injury is the worst kind of injury. There is a myriad of athletes who have dealt with this injury and Kobe Bryant is top of that list. The surefire first ballot hall of Famer suffered an Achilles tendon tear which subsequently ended his season. Although it was ruled out as calf strain by the medical team of Golden State, a lot of analyst and players believe that KD’s injury is more severe than reported.

Charles Barkley said it best, nobody wants to see another player get injured. He then stated that he's hoping the best for KD but he also knows that it is more than a calf strain injury.

Warriors way

During the post game interview, head coach Steve Kerr was asked about the demeanor of their team when KD’s injury was announced.

Obviously, Kerr was also stunned by the news, but still positive about the outcome of the game. When asked about the future of his team, he understood KD’s dilemma and there’s nobody in their roster that can replace him. On the same note, he is looking forward to the next game and expects everybody in the Warriors locker room to step up.

Splash Brothers will reemerge

Splash brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson also chimed in regarding the status of the Durantula. Klay is very calm and collected regarding the situation that the Warriors are in. However, Steph Curry appears lost for words and can’t seem to focus on the dilemma they are facing. It is true that without KD, it will be hard for them to beat the surging Rockets. But the Rockets should not underestimate the streaky Warriors. They still have the core group of the Splash Brothers, the former defensive player of the year, and the former finals MVP in Andre Iguodala. Initial report states that KD will miss at least 7-10 days, but it will depend on the MRI that will happen later today. Hopefully, he hasn’t ruptured his Achilles tendon which would have serious consequences.