We are lately blaming the pandemic for our mental health issues or our feelings of being lonely. What if those feelings were always lying under the surface and we can't cope with them any longer?

Depression or any other form of mental Health is not easily recognisable, as many have already highlighted. What happens when do feelings get hold of you, especially in this specific historical period.

People do not understand you. Their problem-solving strategy for you is just to invite you to 'REACT', and all you want to do once the same answer is thrown in your face is to scream.

As many might already have read, articles about mental health are always suggesting therapeutic activities, such as taking a walk, start a new activity, that being a new sport, a new hobby. Little do they know what it actually means to suffer from this 'pathology', or however it is labelled.

So-called suggestions

How many of the so-called suggestions have you read about: cut alcohol from your diet (which I would recommend for other health reasons), get regular exercise at least three times a week (as if it wasn't hard enough to get out of bed in the morning), getting regular sleep (without considering that your anxiety might be too strong to let you sleep at night), learn to meditate and start a breathing routine (which would be great if the 'getting-out-of-bed' situation would settle by itself), and at last reducing stress (if that were possible you might not even have had to deal with these feelings in the first place).

I am writing this article in order to make sure that those people won't feel alone during the hardest of times. Writing about what we all feel and that it is okay to not know how to cope with this feeling of helplessness.

I have been suffering from panic attacks for as long as I can remember, but today, especially, I have started feeling odd, helpless, depressed, wanting to cry, to scream, to hit the wall.

As I approached the worst moment of, what I suppose is, mental breakdown, I decided to share it.

'Seek help'- simple as it sounds we all know that it can be harder than anything else you might have done so far.

Power through

The only thing I can honestly recommend is to power through, never choose what's extreme and always try and look for someone that is feeling the same way as you are.

No one will be able to convince you to 'get help', it needs to come from within. As much as a cliche this sounds I honestly believe that it is the only real advice someone can give you.

The most important thing to remember in the meantime is that you are not alone in this, I won't be quoting numbers, statistics, but hopefully even just realising that one person is feeling the same as you are you won't feel so alone.